Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful November

I have seen a few other peeps doing a whole month of thank you posts, and I thought it would be fun to try it.  Though I am notorious for not finishing things, so we'll see how it goes- I already missed the first day!  How rude.

But yesterday was wonderful, so it's not hard to think of what I was grateful for yesterday!

Yesterday, I was grateful that my Best Friend Ever had a beautiful baby boy (in only 5 hours! jealous!).  Kami named him Henry, and he is just gorgeous, I am dying to be in Utah right now.  I can't wait till I can see him and squeeze him.

I was also grateful that Ellis was so good during our shopping trips, especially the 2 to two different targets to check out their clearance Halloween stuff, and gratefull for the cute little Monster Potato Head guy that I got for only $4.

I am definitely so grateful to Sand Ledbetter for helping me make an apron at our enrichment activity last night! It was so fun yet time consuming, and she was so patient in showing me how to use her machine and also offering to have me over to show me how to use my own (and finish my apron) on Friday.

There was my November 1, I hope you all had a great day too

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