Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Time I Resurrected Our Blog

There is absolutely no way to catch up on 7 months of blogging, so I don't think I'll even try.
I'll just sweep it under the rug and act like it never happened- that's a pretty good adult way to handle things, right?

Here is a random smattering in no particular order of a few pictures from the last 6 weeks.

Ok this one is not from the last 6 weeks, it is from August. My niece Eden got married and we got this amazing shot of the whole family minus only 2 grandchildren (who were out on missions (though one has a life size cutout in this- can  you spot her?) and one Brother in Law who was on a trip that had been scheduled long before the wedding... Amazing. 2 parents, 21 siblings and spouses, and over 45 grandchildren

Our amazing cruise Damon's parents generously took us all on for their 50th anniversary- parents, siblings and spouses for an amazing week away. A HEAVENLY trip and these stingrays in Grand Cayman were so fun!

Some of the group that took this tour

This past weekend we went out to my mom and stepdad's lake house. Or what used to be a lake house but is now a quarter mile from the lake (drought). It's the perfect spot to fly kites now!

Making Valentine cookies. Mostly just eating it all.

Damon's new bike he got for Christmas (thanks all the parents!) and the beginning of prep for Ironman 2020

More stingrays. The water was gorgeous and unbelievable!

Dress up night.

This kid gets his love for chips and dips from his mama.

This was just from this afternoon! It's been perfect weather here, around 75 today, so we've spent lots and lots of time on our amazing porch!

These are a couple of shots I took in Washington during Christmas time that I'm addicted to. Can't wait to blow them up and put them on a wall!

Hud at the Thinkery (Austin's new renovated children's museum- it is awesome!)

They loved the water room- of course!

There you go, a random of recents, I'll be back soon with more- Ellis is having his first birthday party this weekend so hopefully we will have lots of pictures from that- how is he 3?!??

i see you too...