Sunday, November 13, 2011


i think, i don't really know what day it is...

today i am grateful that we get to spend time together as a family on sunday. it's the day that damon has to study the least (usually only a couple hours) and usually the day that he lets me sleep in (heaven!).  we have so much fun going to church together and coming home and watching a movie or making dinner.  a nice, lazy day.

i think it's ellis' favorite day too.

also, for those of you who were worried so, about how i got sick a few times this week, don't worry, i figured it out! tonight i was getting everything together to make cornbread.... and when i got the milk out and looked at the expiration date, just curious, i saw a "08-26-11" stamped on it. we've been drinking 2 1/2 week old milk. and using it in our cooking. including drinking it with breakfast this morning and mixing it in macaroni tonight. i feel disgusted and sick just thinking about it. i will probably have another middle of the night bout of nausea/other unmentionable but predictable symptom that will wake me and send me to the bathroom. awesome.

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Jennifer Karyn said...

oh man that video is adorable. Poor Ellis though, it made me a little motion sick watching it.

i see you too...