Sunday, August 23, 2009

one time we got engaged...

and it went like this:

drive drive drive to Spokane on a friday afternoon. we got there and went straight to Damon's family cabin on one of the lakes nearby, where a couple of his siblings and their families were hanging out. we decided we wanted to go wakeboarding pretty soon after we got there so we all changed and went down to the boat. it was really cold and cloudy and starting to drizzle so we wanted to get out quick, but Damon decided he needed to go to the bathroom and he didn't want to jump in the freezing water yet since he wasn't boarding first. so he runs back up into the house. a few minutes later his sister, Sharee (i have no idea how to spell names) asked me to come help her get more towels, so we went up and she was all, 'hey, you go grab drinks from the cooler on the deck and i'll get the towels'... 
and i did. 
and the cooler was allllllll the way at the end of the deck by a bedroom door, which i thought was a weird place for a cooler. anywho, i opened the cooler and saw this:

except all i really saw was the flowers. and i was really confused. then i saw the ring kinda and then i was really confused. (Damon had told me they couldn't get my ring - the size was being special ordered anyway- till the next week. he even had our friend matt, who was friends with the owner of wilson's and was trying to get the ring faster, text him on our drive up saying 'hey, sorry i couldn't get the ring faster, i promise it'll come in later') the only other person out there was tyler, but i didn't even notice he was following me taking pictures. anywho, damon came out the door like this (he had to get the flowers out of the cooler cause apparently i slammed it shut after i saw it):   

i was completely surprised, we'd only been there about 20 minutes... 

then we had to try to get the ring on. it fits perfect except for that one knuckle that got broken the day after we first held hands. that never got much smaller. 

got it on! my finger hurts. my heart is excited though
so excited!

Friday, August 21, 2009

i know i know...

i haven't blogged in foreeever! but i PROMISE

   (i had to write that in all caps so that i dedicate it unto myself.)

cause i have those pictures. cause tyler and chewy (hmm... Sherie? Cherie? i don't know how to spell damon's sis' name) were glamorous frantic photogs as he popped the question. 

and i'll even put up other pictures from spokane...

and the pretty wedding we shot (congrats Katie and Chris!) while we were there

oh, and the pictures from florida the week before..

yikes, it's been a busy few weeks... i can't wait for us to go home to texas next (september 11!) for nick's wedding. because 1 )we have realized how much fun vacations of any sort are- we don't have to say goodnight! we sleep in rooms right next to each other and eat breakfast together! it's sooo fun! and 2) franke family weddings/get togethers are the  and 3) i can't wait to show him my home and my family and all the good food places.  i love texas.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

2 years ago

i can't wait to leave tomorrow for florida... hard to believe it's been 2 years already, look how little jake was! i can't wait to rent out the whole hotel again, spend all our time on the beach or in the pool right outside our door or on the deck where we ate all our meals... so fun. and going into 'town' to get ice cream or check out the dorky gift shops (aren't they all exactly the same?) or go to the arcade ... 
i love vacations. especially to the beach. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm at work... and I have a feeling I'm never gonna leave this place. being prn here works out so well when I need to go out of town, I just don't schedule work. super handy for, say, going home a few days before my wedding, having a honeymoon, a second reception after thanksgiving... not getting paid most of that month is gonna hurt though.

since everybody who reads this blog pretty much knows, I can share- we got our sealing time! 12 noon... perfect time- don't have to wake up ridiculously early, but everyone can also have time to relax for a few hours (pool party anyone? lay out and get a tan??) before the ring ceremony and reception. the only downfall will be the lighting for our pictures, but I'm sure our great photographer knows how to deal with that...
I'm so excited! I'm marrying the man of my dreams, and I get him forever...

Monday, August 3, 2009

the thing about weddings.

anyone who says how much they looooooved planning a wedding or how easy and simple and quick it was...

they're lying.

it's fun (pretty dress! diamonds! i get a husband!!!)
until you start to have to hash out real details.
(what color vest? how are we gonna arrange shuttling people between the airport and the ranch, how much food do we need to stock the place with for the people who are traveling and staying the weekend? is it better to rent a car or fly to houston and do a cruise for the honeymoon? what shade of teal (more green teal than blue teal, please))

i just want to sit with damon for 3 months and then snap into being married.

(though trust me, it will be a great party, for those of you coming...)

until more details emerge (aka until my ring gets in and it's officially official), rest assured:
a huge ranch
chandelier and jars of candles and baby's breath

  amazing food made by sexiest chef Austin

dancing the night away

i see you too...