Wednesday, November 2, 2011


holy cow, i did not realize it was already midnight.

today i was thankful for Sandy letting me come over and helping me finish my apron. you guys, it's the cutest thing ever. but i am not sure if i can post a picture cause i might give it away (sadface)

i am also thankful that ellis will eat anything i put in front of him. and sometimes i try to get him to like some of my old child time favorites, kinda. yesterday he had is first mac-n-cheese. but it was the real stuff- made with gouda and cheddar, but with gluten free pasta (why not?). he loved it. also, today i bought some organic spaghettio type soup. awesome? yes.

also, i am grateful that i got to go to the grocery store alone tonight. that is my most relaxing favorite thing ever. it also allowed me to have some chocky chocky milk milk. we were so out of sauce for like, daaaaays! mmm.

and, i'm grateful that michelle took this picture of ellis at the dmu party. and that she brought her real camera, not her phone camera like slacker moms (me)


kirsten.brooke said...

Yay for homemade gluten free mac n cheese!

And for awesome shots of your lil' man.

Barrett Family said...

I'm grateful for running into you at Costco!!!

i see you too...