Monday, November 16, 2009

the transition

i'm back, i'm back... we're back...
got home from the honeymoon saturday night and laid low yesterday. today was the first time we spent more than 20 minutes apart in the last 2 weeks. it was weird.

and thus begins the transitions...
names and insurance, social security cards, bank accounts and not to mention the whole living together thing...  it's weird, it's great, it's unbroken ground.

and then there's the blog... do i change from my blog to ours? or stay just me and mention damon in every possible post. we need a family blog, right? or do we.... i know my audience is namely my parents and occasional friend or chronic blog clicker (you know, you're looking at somebody else's blog, a name on their roll list catches your eye, suddenly your sucked into a world of somebody you don't even know... happens to everyone right? doesn't everyone have a handful of blogs on her favorites list of people she doesn't even know and never will? no?? oh...)

so the thought is to change to us, instead of just me. since that's the basis of marriage anyways, i guess it should touch all aspects. from the miniscule sharing of the bathroom cupboards to the ever-important blogosphere.

but not today.

we didn't take any pictures with our cameras of the wedding, or much of the wedding weekend- which i assure you is picture and novel worthy, not to brag...  so we hopefully will get a few from family and friends and salvage what we do have to try to re-create the magic that was our wedding weekend...

seriously, it was awesome.

until then, sorry for a boring post, but i promise the next one will be brimming.
with love.

i see you too...