Wednesday, July 18, 2012

obligatory post of the month...

i suck at this blogging thing lately. instagram is my new blog. but i'll try!
we have lots of pictures from the last week or two so i know my family would want to see them, and here we are!

dudes, i even lightroomed a few of these bad boys.

4th of July party at our friends' home, it was SOOOO hot!
 so hot you wanted to make out with a swing!
 so hot you didn't want to play on a tramp!
 so hot 2/3 of us whined a lot.
 so hot you needed a LOOOOOTTTT of lemonade.
 too much lemonade.
 One day last week we decided to do everything there is to do in Des Moines in one trip. So we went to the Better Homes and Gardens test garden (it's where they shoot all the pics for the mag, cool eh?)
 but dirt and pebbles are way cooler than plants.
 don't you dare try to make me leave this spot!
 want some??

 fences are like, so hilarious.
 I will kiss all of these pebbles!

 then we went to the sculpture park, where Ellis practiced his new trick of backing himself up till he's leaning against something, and then pouting.
 it's contagious.
 we also went to the Dallas County Fair in Adel, IA... where there were more animals than people and less ride/foods than the mall down the road from home.
 But. There WERE huge tractors. Well, one.
 Also, Ellis was asked to come play drums as the opening act of the 7 pm grandstand show.
 which was a family act with an 11 year old frontman, based out of Branson, MO
 that other trick he still does.

 i will kiss your face.
 post a traumatic bang trim done by dad. wherein we gained a daughter.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Best Wife EVER!!!!
Well as many of you know I (Damon) am studying for my boards these days and it is extremely time consuming. I wake up at 6 and go to the school by 630. I study and get home by my goal of 6 pm but that never happens and I am always late and get home by 620 or so. Then we eat a well prepared meal by Tara which is always delicious. Then I play with Ellis until he goes to bed at 8. Then I go back to the books until about 1030. I really hope this horrible schedule pays off. I've took my D.O. boards last week and I'm taking the MD boards next week. I don't know if it is possible to express the gratitude that I have for Tara and her support for me in my current schedule. Last night we were able to spend some fun times at the local parade. The red heads (Ellis and Tara) were instantly roasting in the 100 degree humid heat. The red cheeks are apparent. Here are some pictures.

 Ellis only shows mom the love. He doesn't like to cuddle like that with me. Who can blame him. Tara's the best
 This is Ellis Dancing. He loves those headphones and rocking out.

i see you too...