Saturday, May 30, 2009

mindless chatter

I'm doing nightwatch... I have like 9 hours to go. not good. I took a pretty long nap after work today but I still feel so tired. its gonna be a long night.

tomorrow is the provo farmer's market. I'm so excited. I love farmer's markets! hoping to get some good fruits and veg's (i don't like either of those words). I'm trying to eat good right now since I was so rotten at home.

we're going hiking monday. yay for nature. its still nice and cool here- only in the high 70's low 80's.

andrea and zac, I really wish y'all were here. I love your blog and I think I watch that mother's day slideshow every few days.

I have nothing inteesting to say. sorry. I'm just bored enough to type it out for people to have to read. i'll have to post my pics from texas next post.

also, catherine is amazing. she came out to the phoenix airport with in & out for a little picnic during my layover on wednesday. it was great.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i love seeing LDS commercials in texas... 

before i joined the church, i used to see this one commercial allll the time- i didn't know anything about the church, but i think everytime i was watching tv, this one came on- it was a husband and wife, and they went to see a little lonely old lady in the nursing home. she was all sad, staring out the window, and they gave her a carnation. the man was wearing a blue an white striped shirt. the wife was wearing a peach colored blouse. later in the commercial, the man is laying in the hammock (same striped shirt, mind you) and the wife comes and puts little newborn twins in his arms. it is... so sweet. haha. 

i worked in the mtc some during my sophomore year, in the call center. it was the funnest thing, you got to wear a cool headset and people would call in and their info pops up and you just pretty much get to tell them all about what you believe and at the end you bore your testimony and hoped that they asked for 'representatives' to deliver their video instead of having it mailed. and after commercials aired there would be a little burst of phone calls in an area. it was cool.

ps, does anybody else love the movie, Corina Corina? i sure do. 

ok, i'm out, i'm leaving for san antonio for the evening and then back to provo tomorrow!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm going to Chuy's tonight!!!

texas thunderstorms... running across a park in a douwnpour with a 40 pound 3-year old on my back... only to make it to the parking lot right when the sun comes back out and it gets back up to 93... real thunder, and real lightening, not that sissy stuff that utah has.

falling asleep to the smell of RAID... cause i walked into the back room when i got here to find a huge disgusting waterbug right in the middle of the floor. my biggest fear. oh gross, i can't even stand this on my page, but i want everyone to see the trials i have here. these are texas' only downfall.

the high tuesday here is 102. i know, right?

(my dear damon, i miss you. thanks for going to mexico so i could have a good excuse to come home. please don't come back with swine flue. )

did i mention i'm going to Chuy's tonight? i know whoever is reading this is jealous- deluxe chicken enchiladas and creamy jalapeno! oh, i'm so excited!!

up to round rock tonight for the next couple of days. anybody up in the austin area, text me

Thursday, May 21, 2009


just got back from terminator. 
i don't even know what just happened.
he's lucky i like him a lot.

(2.5 more days, i am craving chuy's SO bad right now)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

texas bound

   only wish she was gonna be there.  (and that's our cousin's truck, mind you)
   they are the best part of me.

      ha. that face is perfect.

      sometimes we embarrass our mother.
      driving this around makes me feel pretty much superior to everybody else on the road.  especially listening to pat green.
     i can't wait to see him.

we played kickball last night. i freaking love kickball. i don't even know why. 

i'm going home in 4 days. i'm SO excited! cause, you know, it's been a whole 2 months. haha. i've never gone home as much as i have this year. if my brother weren't so cute, i'd probably go less. i can't wait to drive a truck again, and be out in open spaces, without the mountains blocking my view and be in the hot hot heat and take jake to sea world and eat at chuy's (jalapeno ranch!) and get dublin dr. pepper and creamed corn from rudy's and hang out with my mom and dad and stepmom and everybody else. 

also, i'm behind in everything, so if you're waiting for pictures, i promise they are coming. i really need to get my computer cd drive fixed)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

so for some reason i'm caught up watching people open their mission calls on youtube. 
(cause sandy wilding got hers and posted a video online of her and her brother paul both opening theirs- argentina and peru- pretty sweet) 

i want to go too. 

these are the cutest, and kinda amazing, no?

and this one's just cute.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

couldn't wait

just took these a couple of hours ago but some of them were so cute that i couldn't help post them right when i got them uploaded. this little guy has the cutest little face and great big blue eyes! so fun.  blogger always drops some of the color from the files, but at least i know they will print pretty! thank erin and gabe!

he was a little tired at this point, but the picture's funny. haha...

love that little tongue!

so cute!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

nienie repost of the week:
   congrats to nie on her special mother's day miracle present. bounce on over to her blog to find out what it was! 

mad dog cycles is having a sale on this:

the sweet buttery yellow color! the brown and white seat! i have a flowy white skirt (don't ruin my dream by pointing out how it'll get stuck in the spokes or chain).   riding to the provo farmer's market on saturdays for strawberries and mint (cause we can't grow either in our garden (ps we're growing a garden!) cause apparently they both take over everything) for summer mojitos! holy beautiful, i think i may put off the new lens for this instead. think of the good.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

this ain't your mother's update...

such a tender mercy (i certainly don't mean to be sacrilegious at all, this is 100% serious). i found this at smith's today for only $1 each! that's like a coke from sonic during happy hour! i am trying SO HARD to stop drinking coke (dr. pepper, for all those of you who don't get southern soda talk). it is so hard. for real. i need carbonation in my life. but diet taste so gross slash it's way bad for you cause aspartame causes bad things in your bod. this has juice. and 2 calories. and 'sparkling water'. it may be not great. but it's better.
so a week ago i bought 2 little vases thinking i'd buy some fake peonies (so my favorite) or maybe real ones every once in a while. who needs to buy fake or any flowers when you have a thoughtful guy around (anybody else hate the 'b' word?)? he brought these over last night from  the boys' house, they have their own little tulip festival growing in the front yard. he's great.
  oh how i wish i could have spent mother's day at home... i miss the franke family mother's day picnic at the park and getting to see everybody. i wish i could have shown my mom and pam how much they mean to me in real life person life size real time. 
    our ward had a nice little sacrament meeting mother's day edition. one girl was sweet and her talk was all about mom and how great they all are. the next guy's talk was about every cartoon from the late 80-early 90's era. which was cool too i guess...  the men of the ward gave all the girls chocolate (hello, so perfect for relief society stomach grumbles and wandering thoughts). another thought: my relief society rocks. i don't know any of the girls (besides jenn, whom i haven't seen in RS for quite some weeks, haha) and they are all very... different from me. but they are all so sweet, and our lessons really are great. and everybody participates, and this might be the first time i've really liked relief society since i was in the brushy creek ward with chrissta and marianne and tiffany and tara and everybody else.
   sunday afternoon i made dinner with damon and tyler (damon's brother) and we just hung out for a while. later on we went and played games with some friends, which is always fun (i'm getting pretty good at speed scrabble, but trying to keep damon from cheating is a task in itself).
        tyler, our special friend. maybe in running for best blue out of our 3 sets of eyes. 

            proof that damon exists. haha. we don't have pictures of ourselves. together. it happens. also, i've had those pants since i was in 6th grade. i got them on clearance at academy for 7 buckaroos. they are my favorite things to wear. 
 yesterday i spent most of the day with derek at the pool. it was great. i think nobody who lives at king henry works. or goes to school. cause it was PACKED. and the same people were there ALLLLL day. we played sand volleyball (i'm bad) and then we went and ate samples and smoothies at costco.  and then i helped creighton clean out his jeep. i'm getting sooo so so sos ooososoo excited for moab.  just over 5 weeks... we're starting to get the onslaught of emails from the group leaders, it's gonna be so great this year. 

also in the last week i took pictures of nicole's little guy, trevor, and engagements for jenn and jeff. i haven't really gone through any of them, but here's a little peak of what i have looked at. hopefully there are more good ones than just these, i'm gonna go through them all and post them tomorrow, since i work nightwatch tonight. i especially haven't gone through jenn's cause there. are. so. many.  i'm doing pictures for erin and gabe thursday, so expect lots more in the next week. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

i'm google-chatting with kristi.
it's awesome.
i mooned her.
which was also awesome.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

a little of this, a little of that...

i needed a new blog background. black was seeming too heavy... and these trees are blooming everywhere around provo, they are so my favorite. even though the white ones don't smell that good, it's so so soooo pretty when the wind blows and it 'snows' tree fluff. 

i've been watching some of the 'mormon messages' on youtube, they are pretty great. i love this little story president hinckley tells, and i LOVE love elder holland's message about... love and how we treat those we claim to love, those we spend our time with, etc.

how do you see love around you? my sweet grandparents were married 54 years before they passed away.  my grandma always made dinner for her husband (and  all her kids and us grandkids who were always around ... she made the best spaghetti) and would bring him dessert out to him on his chair in the living room (what a magical chair! so off limits).  when she started getting weaker, he took over cooking and doing the dishes. and when things switched, she insisted on pushing him around in his wheelchair (still not sure how she did that). being around them together during some of his last days in this life is one of the most sacred memories i have. i want what they had.

i see you too...