Wednesday, July 17, 2013


My sister tagged me in this little "things about you" post prompt, and I'm all about a good prompt for blogging! Also I'm way into myself so that helps... Really though, I love reading these dang things when other people write them, so if anybody out there wants to do this, let me know if you did in the comments and I'll come read yours and nod my head at each thing and be all 'oh yeah, I love that too, I forgot to put that!!'

1. If you could have your dream job, what would it be?
        Oh man, I wanted to do so many things, and still do! I can't wait til my kids are in school so I can go back for another degree. In the past I've wanted to be a storm chaser (I'm obsessed with tornados and watching live radars on my phone!), a jail warden or guard (I got close enough working at a lockdown facility for teens, and I strangely liked it, except for that time I got hit during a Dial 9 by some crazy) I always kind of wish I'd joined the armed forces too.  Now, I'd love to do something a little more hands on- I'd love to learn carpentry and create amazing furniture, or become a blacksmith, something out of the ordinary... I also want some degree to be able to help others with, probably a Masters in Family Therapy. We'll see what happens!

2. Who is your style icon?
         I have a few, but Mary-Kate & Ashley definitely top the list! Back in my skinnier college days, the highlights of my life were when somebody would say I looked like an Olsen twin. If I had the money (and let's face it, my pre-kids body), I'd love to dress like either of them at any given moment! 

 One non-celebrity style 'icon' I have lately is the girl from Ascot Friday, she's got rad style, and her 2 little boys (she has a Hudson too, and Lincoln is a name at the top of our boy list now) are divine with their long hair and skater boy style. 

3. Any beauty secrets you're loving lately? 
      Hmmm, I'm the last person to give beauty secrets, I mean I don't even wear lipstick, blush, or bronzer for crying out loud. My beauty weapon of choice is Aquaphor though, I love that stuff! It's the absolute best thing to put on chapped or dry lips, dry skin or any cuts or scrapes or rash, takes care of cradle cap and wind chapped cheeks, that stuff is heaven sent! Other than that, I wish I could bottle up ocean water to spray on my hair, no spray I've found quite works as well!

4. What goals you want to accomplish this year?
In the next year, I want to get completely in shape- gaining 50 pounds while pregnant with Hudsan, about 4 minutes after I finally lost the last of the 40 I gained with Ellis, did quite a number on my body and my psyche... I really want to work hard to finish that, I'd love to go vegan again for a longer period (I did it for 6 weeks this late winter and loved it!) and I'd love to be able to run a decent half marathon or some other kind of race or triathalon! And after that happens, I want to get knocked up again. =) addicts be addicts!

5. What is one of your guilty pleasures?
      Oh my goodness, Real Housewives of Orange County. I mean, don't you love Lydia and isn't Heather (I loved her in the beginning!) starting to bug? Also, Frederick from Million Dollar Listings New York- I want to meet that dude and also go to his wedding? I love driving around by myself with a nice big fountain Dr. Pepper, taking pictures as I please and stopping where I want- that sounds like the best day ever, I used to love doing that in Utah! Sleeping in (never happens now), Hostess cupcakes (I've eaten a whole box since they came back 2 days ago), and reading blogs. Also shopping, which is a major problem at this pont in our poor med-student lives.

6.What is one of your most embarrassing moments?
       The only thing that ever comes to mind when asked this question is the time I decided to be helpful to my mom and hang some blinds on a window above a ledge about 10 high. In the morning, before I'd gone to the bathroom, and still in just my underwear. We didn't have a tall enough ladder, but I mannaged to pull myself up with sheer upper body strength while standing at the top of it. Then I realized I didn't bring any tools to hang the blinds, I had to pee, and I couldn't get back onto the ladder. I was stuck up there for 45 minutes before I finally peed in a big tall decorative vase that was up on the tine 2 foot by 1 foot ledge. In my underwear in front of a huge window facing the street. I sat and waited more, realizing that the vase was not sealed when stream of pee suddenly was running towards me.  So I had to start stripping to sop it up. At that point I was terrified that my little sister and her boyfriend were going to come over any minute, so I finally got the nerve to jump down onto the ladder somehow. Those blinds never did get hung. 

I'm using the same questions cause I though they were pretty funny!, and I tag Kami, Jenn, and Michelle! And everyone else who wants to do it and I'd love to read them all!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The goings on and happenings

Or is it the going ons?

I don't know.

Thought I'd post a little update for the person and a half who still look at this blog every once in a while... I have been planning on posting more in Texas, but things have been so out of sorts here, it hasn't happened. I've taken lots of pictures though, so as soon as I start back up again I have lots of stuff to post about!

However, we are still not in our house, so I really don't know where my card reader is, and finding it or even sitting down to load and edit photos is so far down on the list right now, it's just not gonna happen!

But hopefully we will be in the house this week, I am so desperate to have a home again, to have all our stuff (remember how I only packed clothes and stuff for us for a week?) and to have my own kitchen again and ... just everything. It's been stressful, but we are hoping the final pieces will get done in the next few days. The boys have had a rough time with the whole thing- especially Ellis. Not having his normal schedule of naps, not having a crib, or his toys, or really being able to play outside much (too hot), or have his friends (he's been asking for them), just not having his own environment that he's used to, well, he's been acting out a lot and been a little difficult to handle. I'm definitely ready for that to settle down.

We have been busy besides trying to finish the house though, we went down to the coast last weekend for the 4th of July, with the whole big family. It was really fun and great to get away for a while.

Another exciting thing that happened to us- Damon got appendicitis this last week. He had surgery yesterday and is coming home from the hospital today. I'm so glad he finally went in (after 2 days of major pain- that I was pretty sure was gas, haha) and that nothing too bad happened with that. He feels much better and I will be glad to have him back with us- and I'll be super excited to milk him staying home from work as long as possible!

We area also starting to really get into researching residency options, there are so many fun places to consider! I'd love to move to Georgia for a few years, live in the deep south in a perfect town like Savannah or even up in Charlotte, or Charleston... Dreamy! Damon would more love to be in Idaho/Montana/Washington area- and now there's a new residency in Billings (where his brother Sean practices, awesome!) so Montana could actually be a possibility! Dallas, Austin, Scottsdale, Denver, Salt Lake.... There are so many options. We've got another 6 weeks or so before applications start going in... It's going to be a crazy 4 or 5 months of interviews and applications.

We are also hoping to be up in Spokane for the end of August through the 3rd week of September or so. Damon's parents are returning from a mission to the Phillipines and a nephew is returning from Brazil (another one did the same this month), plus our oldest niece who returned from her mission in the spring is getting married in August so we are hoping to be home for that too!

So much going on! Moving and surgeries and heat of over 100 degrees every day and everything else has made for quite an interesting summer!

Sorry for no photos and a boring long update- the next one will be better, promise!

i see you too...