Friday, September 5, 2014

Ellis' Pinterest-worthy First Day of Preschool

On Tuesday Ellis had his first day of Preschool!!

I had a great debate in my brains about 6 months ago when I realized that most of Ellis' friends were going to start preschool (that were his age at least) and that Ellis might start liking to hang out with other shorties besides his mother. And that I might like that as well. Also we were trying for our little #3 and it may be nice to have one less mouth screaming at me during the day sometimes. So I looked online for about half a minute before google spit out the name of a Church here in WDM that had a side business preschool and I remembered the name of it from another family in our ward here that used it sooo... That was easy.

It's only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9-11:30. Just long enough for me to console Hudson post drop off, visit my heaven-sent Chiropractor, and enjoy half a 32 oz Dr. Pepper at Target while simultaneously dropping $143 on neon green post-its, dove soap, clearance candles, and more (MORE! where is the perfect pair???) maternity pants.

Anyways, this post is going nowhere fast.

Here are pictures from the First Day. Minus the cute chalkboard describing Ellis at 3 1/2 (charming, hilarious, loud, dramatic when 'hurt', Dr.Jekyll/Mr. Hyde when it comes to how he treats his brother...), the adorable backpack (his is adorably huge, but it's Angry Birds, so, we both win but I lose some cause it is so ugly), all taken from my Iphone and not the real camera which I swore I'd use.

Ellis comes into our bed every morning and I try to buy more time with my cell phone games. That usually gets me another half hour before he starts messing with phone cords, kicking around, talking about Skylanders (he talks about Skylanders to everyone- especially cashiers. He plays Skylanders (whatever that means) about once a year with his uncle Jake. Yet I have to hear about them 50 times a day).

 The only picture I took of Ellis all ready for school. I tell myself it's ok cause this isn't real school anyways, it is kinda like daycare with a couple letter/number/social skills thrown in somewhere between play kitchen, playground, and snack time.

Annnnddd Hudson, after the lady came and locked the doors. Que wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Which continued for 11 minutes until I shoved a sprinkle donut in his mouth.

And Ellis loved school, he came outta there happy and excited and hyper (what the!??). When we asked what he did, he said he played restaurant (they have a play kitchen) and that they have a little house (some sort of playhouse on the little outside playground). So pretty successful.

When I was growing up we always went out to eat for dinner after the first day of school. So I carried on the tradition a little and took the kids to CiCi's pizza. Mostly cause Ellis only ever asks for pepperoni pizza anyway. Ok, mostly cause it's a buffet, and the baby wanted unlimited quantity of bad food and soda. Plus it's the cheapest option if you have 2 kids 3 and under who eat for free and it's lunch time special of $2.99 plus a drink, so like, $5 total. Also the kids will play in the arcade part for half an hour and feel like they really got something special out of it. Not that they got quarters to use in there, demo mode only, baby!

So there you have it. Nothing worth pinning, no adorable backpack, or super cute chalkboard on the front porch for a 1st day picture, just an adorable preschooler. We weren't even on time, he was the last one in the classroom. I didn't cry (I was so thrilled driving out of the parking lot with just one kid for a couple hours!) but Hudson wept an ocean. No back to school feast of home made food and decorations and some sort of valuable lesson to carry us through to May. Just an endless pizza buffet and a kid who will hopefully learn something more than he already knows from phone apps. Here's to a great 'school' year!

i see you too...