Tuesday, November 30, 2010

just sayin'...

feeling a human being inside of you is the coolest thing ever.  (not so cool when it's the middle of the night or he completely flips positions- then it's kinda painful)

right now the little dude has the hiccups. baby hiccups are super fast, like one every 2 or less seconds, which is funny to me, but probably annoying to him.  i know annoying, because after a minute or two, he gets super T.O.'d and starts moving around a lot.

i can't wait for this little man to get here, even though i feel like we completely aren't ready in terms of stuff.  but he definitely has enough clothing (thanks Tara and Pam and our new neighbors downstairs!) and he has a crib and well, he has me, so the three basics of food, shelter, and clothing are taken care of.

29 weeks!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving break

I'm thankful that Damon had 5 days off of school and we got to hang out the ENTIRRRREEE TIIIIMMMMEEE... I hadn't seen him this much since summer!
We got lots of fun things done and just sat around picking our noses a lot, and it was perfect.

Tuesday evening we had a fun date at Costco!  Haha, we picked up our 20 lb turkey and ate some pizza and a hot dog and a sprite for dinner... Costco is our favorite date place!  Then we went over to Brandon and Michelle's to watch Biggest Loser Makeover night!!!  We even all wore an accessory/clothing article in honor of the show that we could share about- Michelle was definitely best prepared and presented her black boots wonderfully!

Wednesday we went to my 28 ish week appointment, I did my glucose test that morning.  No results yet (perk of having your blood draw the day before Thanksgiving- so I actually got to enjoy all the food I wanted no matter what the result!), but I should find out tomorrow if I'll be going on a fun low carb/sugar diet!  How depressing. We also watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.  It was a weird movie, but ok...

Thursday we ... I don't remember what we did in the morning besides hang out and get our dinner ready!  We had a few friends from our ward over for a nice Thanksgiving feast, it was all so good!  We had a huge turkey for just 7 people- lots of leftovers!

Friday we watched football allllll day long.  Until the evening, then we watched Elf, the greatest Christmas movie of all time. We even ate spaghetti so we could be like the movie and made an eggnog cheesecake which is. so. GOOD.  Damon's eaten about half of it today, just a bite here and there from the fridge at a time.

Saturday we went to Home Depot just to look at their trees and ending up finding that they had such good deals that we had to buy one!  Also, we finally put together the crib!  We've had it for a few weeks but it's just been in it's box in the extra room, till now!  It was actually way easy and didn't even take us half an hour. We love it!  We're so grateful to my Dad and Pam and Mom for getting it for us!

lovely main architect...


Today we went to church, came home and were visited by our home teachers who gave an awesome sports-related message, and then we put together our Christmas tree!

It's been so nice having Damon home, I can't wait for Christmas break in just 3 short weeks, I can't wait to go home and hang out with my man again!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

just a warning

saw this on a baby board today, thought i'd put it out there for any of you who have video baby monitors or are in the market for one...


Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Baby,

5 a.m. is not the funnest time for you to get hiccups.  Just because your dad is awake and moving around the room doesn't mean you should be awake and moving around in your nice waterbed I made for you.

Why I cried today:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Elder Holland

I love everything Jeffrey R. Holland says. Not to have favorite apostles or anything, but he's my favorite person to hear speak.  I would love to spend an hour sitting with him talking about the gospel- his spiritual understanding and drive is astounding.

The other night I dreamt that I was the keynote speaker (ha, yeah right) at a big conference in a huge hall in Salt Lake City (in my dreams I still live in Provo, naturally).  I was late cause I was taking a shower at work (awkward- yes, PCS) and I had left my clothes in the building across the street. I raced over there in just a towel and turned on the TV to see my conference already going (it was, of course, being broadcast far and near)... And who had they pulled from the audience to take my place last minute?  You guessed it. Elder Holland.  He ended up giving one of the talks he'd given in conference over again- and I'm pretty sure it was this one below.  Cause I think it's in my top 2 talks of all time, I just love it and I love him for giving it so boldly.

When I told Damon my dream in the morning, all he said was "I'm glad you think so highly of yourself."

Maybe one day I'll be able to bear testimony so eloquently... Probably not though.  But I'm glad I have it, at least!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

too fast

days are flying by right now, it feels like... it's already almost another weekend?  how did that happen?  i guess i've been keeping more busy since i ended my job than i did before working last month, and that's good. 

but maybe things could slow down a bit?

i had an appointment with my midwives this morning- measuring right on schedule for 26 1/2 weeks... my next one is in 2 weeks... that's right, i'm now in the appointment-every-2-weeks part of pregnancy, which i know will make it feel like it goes faster. i have my glucose test the day before thanksgiving.  so hopefully i won't get my results till the day AFTER.  cause even if i were to fail, i don't plan on holding back on the greatest food holiday of all.  

our crib was delivered today. it's in a huge box next to the door. it's crazy to think i'll be walking into what is right now damon's study room and seeing a crib.  the swing and bouncer and stroller and billions of clothes seemed to fade into the background along with the (now gray- i painted it!) desk covered in anatomy pictures and bookshelf full of steinbeck and the big blue dresser.  

and my rings are getting a little snug.  my grandmother's ring already has come off, it's really sad to not wear it all the time, but i can't take the risk of having to have it cut off.  i may have to hit up claire's for a fake wedding ring next. 

this baby's coming faster than i can wrap my head around, it feels like. 

i just don't know if i'm ready to share my handsome husband with somebody else!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chicago anniversary

This last weekend as you all know was our one year anniversary. Tara took the initiative to show how great our wedding was but she didn't say anything about our trip to Chicago. Here are a few pictures of where we went, unfortunately they are just taken from online. We'll put some personal photos up later.

We ate at a wonderful Mexican restaurant called cemitas puebla. It was awesome and could be the best Mexican food that either of us have had out of Mexico. We went to the zoo and of course had to hit up Ikea and Nordstrom's. They aren't close to Des Moines.

Tara is the greatest thing in my life, and marrying her was the greatest decision of my life. She is always bending over backwards for me, which is even harder with a baby in the belly. I look forward to every day I have to spend with her and eternity to be with her.

Monday, November 8, 2010

what the heck?!?

i don't know what he's doing in there, but today he's been all over the place. i caught a little video clip on my phone. it's kinda dark, you'd be able to see it if my shirt was lighter, but you can see enough. all the moving on the left side of the screen is him.  it starts around 18 or 20 seconds in.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


that's how long we've been married.
it's been awesome.
we've learned a ton, had a lot of fun, made goals and plans and even a human.
who'da though?

it's been the best year of my life, but i know it will only get better.  i love this guy. he's everything i'm not and better than me in most every way (except cooking. sorry damon).

hard to believe it was a year ago that we headed out to wheeler ranch (thanks jack!  you're our wedding hero!) with all of our family and most of our closest friends to celebrate our wedding...

we bbq'd. we stayed in luxury (huge) cabins on a huge ranch full of jeeps, 4 wheelers, a hummer, a natural spring, lakes, a waterfall, lots of guns, targets and a shooting range, even some wild hogs to shoot. it was the best wedding ever.  i promise. if you weren't there, i can't really describe how awesome it was to play together before the big day, and then play some more!

here are some pics i stole from people. some are mine, but most aren't.....

the reception hall half of "the barn" (the other half was a gormet kitchen/living room, 5 bathroom living space where damon's siblings/parents slept. the rest of us spread out over 3 more huge awesome houses, wish i had pictures of those)
just some views of the ranch, from another of the houses

Austin, my friend/caterer jumping off the waterfall into the natural spring pool

oh you know, just out shootin'.  this is about all we did the day before the wedding, drive through mud and water and shoot guns. robbie, anna, joe, janel

austin, john

damon's mom, and jr in the backround

jenna, in the hummer. this bad boy was incredible.

matt, at the shooting range

joe, levi and mandee, one of the many 4 wheelers

johnny, janel, damon and i

me, damon, joe. i'll give you a guess who was the best skeet shooter. not to brag, but it starts with a t and rhymns with 'ara'

and then we had a huge bbq that night with everyone and woke up the next morning to go here:

just a few of our amazing friends who flew in for the wedding

my best family photo. if only kristi was in it...

bffeaeaeaeae's. kami and matt flew in and drove with dre and zac from dallas...

and derek, who flew in from san fran. crazy to think that he introduced me to the church 8 years before this, scary to think where i'd be without that.  it was great having him in the sealing room and see things come full circle.

damon's family, they took good photos!

haha... don't mind the cheeto stains on kristi's dress... she rode the whole hour to the temple sitting on a pile...

the whole group 

and then we drove back to the ranch to take a few more pictures and do our ring ceremony down by the water, under a chandelier my mom had put together....

probably my favorite shot... damon got me this on a canvas print for our anniversary! i love it!

we wrote our 'non vows' last minute before the ring ceremony.  we both wrote them in our 'adventure book' (that damon had made me for my birthday after we saw up in early summer) so now we have them to look back on.

drive down to the waterfall, where everyone was waiting. i had had about a gazillion stickers stuck to my dress that we had to pick out first. thank goodness i switched to cowboy boots...

my handsome dad... walking me down the... grass.

our sweet Bishop Mackay.  he was our bishop in the ward damon and i met in at BYU, and was the watchdog over our blossoming love... haha. he even got my roomate jenn married to a guy in the ward- our apartment (of us 2) was a 100% success for him! him and his sweet wife flew down for our wedding and we were glad to have them at the ranch to play and eat good food and enjoy the time with us.

and then we went back to the 'barn' and ate incredible food and danced and partied... for like an hour and a half. then we peaced out.

we drove off... but don't worry, we wrecked this car (my dad's) into my mom's truck the next morning. awesome. 

i've been listening to our song a lot this week, i love it so much and never miss an opportunity to put it here on the blog. so without further, here for your listening pleasure, benton paul and our first dance song, i only see you.

that was a lot.
happy anniversary babe!
the end.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love

Ellen DeG. You know, the one from the show?

I'm watching her show right now (best part about not working), it's so a million times better than Oprah ever was.  The dancing, the giveaways, the monologue, the web clips. Oprah who?

Today she's interviewing her wife.  It's a good one. I'm crying.
They love each other.
Um, Portia, why did you go on Oprah before your Ellen?  Lame.

I don't care what people think about gay people or gay marriage or whatever, I really like them.

In other news, The View has to be the worst show on TV.  All those women need to be shipped to a deserted island so they can destroy each other and the rest of us don't have to hear all their loud yelling and arguing.  I hate turning on the TV during their time slot cause the channel may already be on that station and I can't help it but hear their ugly voices arguing before I can get the channel to change.

I promise I'm not sitting around watching TV all day, but I do turn it on in the morning to watch the news/weather (I'm cool) and if I'm here, at 4 to watch Ellen.  And learn dance moves.

We're going to Chicago tomorrow.
Cause a year ago we were about to head out to Jack's ranch to start our festivities leading up to our Marriage.

And now we are less than (hopefully) 15 weeks away from meeting our son.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back to life.

Now that my horrid temp job is finally over, I've reclaimed my throne (the couch) and am back to my regularly scheduled program.  Which mostly consists of: eating. watching mtv's 16 and pregnant or Teen Mom online.  eating.  laying on the couch reading. thinking about food. reading restaurant menus online. Oh how I miss Utah with it's plethora of good dining options.

Some things I really want right now:

A Strawberry Shortcake cupcake from Sweet Tooth Fairy

A slab of pizza from Slab

A sweet pork salad from Costa Vida (no surprise there)

A coconut/pina colada shave ice with ice cream and a snowcap from Hokolia's in Provo

Tacos from Lone Star Taquiera in SLC

What the deuce, Iowa?  You have the crappiest food ever. 
If any of my Utah peeps are feeling kind, please go eat all 4 of these things for me today (cause that's what I'd be doing) and then tell me about it. You can write an email with descriptive words and pictures if you'd like. 15 hours is starting to look like a short drive... 

i see you too...