Saturday, February 21, 2009

and we're (almost) off

because of course i had to first buy data recovery software so i can edit those flashmob pictures and send them to austin. grr...  i hate technology- it isn't supposed to fail.

i went to work. and the grocery store. and vacuumed my car. and went to the gym. and did laundry. and took a shower. holy cow, it's been a long day, and it's gonna be such a long night...

my co-pilots:

kurt and his shorts
hostess with he mostess (kurt's bf) haley

(they like to match)


roller derby practice 
"YOU CAN'T FORCE ME TO LAY DOWN!" -very angry 17 year old who manipulated her way for days to get sickbed so she could sleep all day and not follow any of her standing orders and just be a pain in the butt, but then when she got sickbed, didn't want to be on it...

"actually we can, we have straps." - maybe somebody under their breath (promise it wasn't me! she is taller. and has darker hair.)

Friday, February 20, 2009

on a kick


my church is the bomb. ok, it's not MINE... but seriously, i couldn't live without this gospel. sometimes i feel a little less active cause i can't go to church every sunday because of work, or activities at night, but i've never felt more at home anywhere or with anyone than i do within this gospel or it's followers. i made the best decision of my life over 7 years ago, i only wish it'd happened earlier! 

(cried watching this)

shout-out to elder vanchiere and elder field... and derek!

(i can't wait to get out of provo... and take pictures somewhere new...)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

eff this place, i'm going to cali.

tha's right. i'm so sick of provo, i need away from here bad. i need sunshine. i need warm. i need to finally go to southern california. my little friend kurt has a little friend with a house in palm springs. so me and him and matt are driving down and getting away from the horrid girls at work and the horrid weather in utah. 

eat that. be jealous and now that i'll be having a blast on the beach and at in-n-out and in the pool and all that rad stuff. i'll think of you in between awesome activities. 

i saw an ad on craigslist for a couple wanting a surrogate mother... 15 grand, monthly stipend, living/med/legal expenses, and a paid vacay when you pop it out... sooooo tempting.  no more credit card, new car, shopping spree, a trip to south america,  getting to see what it's gonna be like to be knocked up, but not having to donate my little eggies and have a half-spawn somewhere out there.  seriously though... 

i took pics of a flashmob today organized by austin-ish for united way for a charity ball... and then my freaking card/camera/card reader/lappy promptly damaged ALL the files before i could load them. so now i have to buy a 60 dinero recovery software something-or-other.  but that's ok, cause i can foresee this happening again, even (gasp) maybe at something hugely important, like the wedding i'm shooting in 2 weeks, and i would be so devestated. blessing in disguise? such a tender mercy.

my wonderful mother sent a box of sugarcalories to me for valentines... they are looking at me RIGHT now. i will take them to cali, that's what boys are for. 

i've been so good at the gym. and working out. and even cardio, and working my upper body strength. 

i'm wired. but i should sleep. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

you can tell how bored i am with how much i post...

tonight i went over to noelle's cause today was her birthday and she had some people over for that... i'd missed her birthday dinner earlier on- the part with people i actually know.  her house.... kinda awkward cause i didn't know anybody and it was small enough that you can't get lost in a crowd.  got a chance to be graced by the presence of this douchebag though:

seriously?  ok, he wasn't horrible.. but he was wearing a trucker hat and a vneck shirt of the exact same variety as seen on his Survivor intro... he was pretty kinda funny, definitely a little obsessed with himself and talked nonstop about sex.  parts of him were hilarious, but i'm sure he could tell that i thought he was an idiot by how many eyerolls i gave him throughout the hour i was there. anywho...

ok, no more posts today. i hate Survivor, never have been able to get into it. 
i love the gym, yoga, my trainer... 
i have to work tomorrow. shoot me in the face.
i'm lonely.

(i have friends, but i don't see them all that much. only at monster truck rallies and restaurant groups)

... i need girlfriends again.  or a group of friends (hello, king henry days? dorms? any apartment living???) that hang out more than once a week. 

i need to go home. i'm done with provo. 

(except i have this trainer... how sad that my stupid personal trainer is the only commitment i have in utah.)

Monday, February 16, 2009

i want i want i want me me me me mine mine mine mine now now now NOW

i love Hook.

i want to eat sushi for lunch. (i will probably eat tomatoes and cheese)
i don't want to go to the gym right now, but i haven't been since friday and i'm not allowed to eat before i go do my cardio. and there's no morning yoga classes anywhere in the valley and i hate that! (i HATE cardio. but i'm starting to get starving since it is after all 1 pm and so not fair!)
i want to drive somewhere far and warm on my 2.3 days i still have no work. (alone.)
i want to go home and see my brother (before he forgets me and stops saying that he misses me)
i want a really old little sewing machine so i can make a really cute quilt. 
i want my girlfriends back (aka i want their husbands to watch their kids so we can go to the beach together)
i want to not get so stressed when guys like me, and i want to find the one that gives me butterflies that last more than 19 hours. 
i want a dresser so my room doesn't constantly look like it's barfing clothes from every angle.
i want every dress/skirt/jewelry from anthropologie.... but more than those, i want this gorgeous thing
i wish they had it in some sort of rose-ish color though.... how perfect. surely i could find similar cheaper, but it's just so cute. 
i need to get a real adult job.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

dirt and trucks

monster truck rally, friday the 13th, a group of half normal/half white trash greatness, gourmet white trash food beforehand... it was all great... (of course they loaded backwards...)

we just all love each other so much
spencer played co-photographer. sternly.
she really really likes that strawberry, i think.
because it wouldn't be a normal night with austin if all activities weren't halted for a run to the store or a restaurant for strawberry shakes...
skunk look
hi noelle!
sam loved that hat. weird al?

austin creeping in the back...
he almost spat that blue stuff everywhere after we just finished cleaning
the bottom of the barrel of koolaid is the best and most sugary.
the most wt koolaid holder possible
note the actual wt kid in the background
blue thunder was the badass of the night

flying through the air!
austin and sam were so excited! obviously...

yeah, that truck is a bull...

small town ghost town

sunset light through an old school building in eureka

dim technology in the middle of nowhere
somebody got a little nail-gun happy
a little shack in the middle of nowhere (silver city, ut) that had an old recliner in it. i could totally chill there just to think, if it wasn't freezing cold.
yeah, right down there...

Friday, February 13, 2009

i could be hurtful, i could be purple

(i could be anything you like...)

ohhh goodness this has been a great week. i didn't work mondaytuesdaywednesday, worked 10 hours yesterday, and am off today! nothing better. seriously if i could work the 30-38 hour work week all in one shift, i would totally do it. 

anywhom, tonight we are going to the monster truck rally in salt lake city.. awesome. big trucks and dirt and loudness is so hot. austin is insisting on everyone dressing white trash, which is a great excuse for me to wear my very favorite torn true religions one more time before i cut them into shorts for summer (summer!!!).  bbq before (my trainer says i can have one cheat day a week, i better go get a dr. pepper and a costa vida salad before i have to start getting dressed), and then off to the smoky rowdy craziness, where we will hopefully get in a brawl or something. 

apparently atchafalaya is the cool new thing in provo. ok, really only among my coworkers. cause we're going again tonight? it's just too fun to play pool and dance and make fun of all the drunk/disgusting people. especially the real big girls who wear real little clothing and shake all they got on the platform. seriously, what's better? 

blogger is being ridiculous and not loading the pictures it took... maybe it's better anyway, cause hopefully i'll have some good ones from tonight, so i'll upload sometime tomorrowish...
peace out, i'm off to binge.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

truth be told i miss you...

(truth be told i'm lying)

ahh, i have 4 days off this week! i'm so so so excited. monday through wednesday and then friday. which rocks because we are going to the monster truck rally. which is just so wt and so home and soooo good. 

i think it sucks when you like people much better before you actually get to know them. and then they turn out to be real stupid.

i love how i get excited to go to the gym now. i love it. i love yoga. i love the eye candy (duh) i love feeling so good after i actually do something good for myself.

i love my friends. and i love how truly very happy i've been the last month and a half or so. i don't know. it just is. 

im determined to take pictures this week. really this time. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

holy crap i have way too much energy for having woken up at 7:30 this morning. (anyone who knows me knows how much i love sleep, and since i don't have to work till almost 3 there's no reason to wake up this early EVER)... i had a sesh with the personal trainer at gold's... of course he's fantastic and of course we had all this crap in common and of course he just got back from teaching in kunming (kristi's first school in china) and of course he wasn't all that tall. and of course at the end of the free session they ask if you want to continue. and of course i do. but obviously i make zero monies and sooo... right.
we'll see.

(i'm meeting with him again monday morning. cause i convinced him to give me another free session to think about it... haha. i almost feel like elyse-whom i love and admire for her abilities to get men to give her stuff all the time... ok that's hard to explain...)

seriously though, you should hear how fast and hard i'm typing on these keys, it's ridiculous and my fellow library goers probably don't like me. i probably don't care cause they're probably jealous at how much energy i have and my new hoodie that i got at the shade warehouse sale for 7 buckaroos. 

i think blog stalkers who don't reveal themselves are creepers. but in a cool way. i still love you. 

ok my computer's gonna die, and i gotta go find something to do before work.... 

i think i haven't had time for anything lately. i miss taking pictures the most. 
i need my little brother. and summer. and the beach, and apparently, a tan.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

on monday i drove up to hang out with kami for the day (so fun!) and on the way back, i got caught up shooting long exposures of the amazing clouds over the pass. it was freezing, but i kept stopping for 2 hours cause i just couldn't help it. i think i could have sat there for hours watching the sky.

Monday, February 2, 2009

phew! i finally have had a few hours to recoup from a ridiculous last few days. worked friday 3-11 pm, saturday 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. (hate doubles!) and sunday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 ... yuck! work has been crazy and drama filled, as usual. 

last night i went out after my double (though i only had 8 hours before i had to be up for my next shift) with tien and ra and vili and alisha and a couple other random friends of theirs. where else would you go at 11:30 in provo on a saturday night? atchafalaya!  haha. the most ghetto club/bar/pool hall i've ever been in. and my mom used to own a pretty ghetto one. it was hilarious and hysterical and betos afterwards was only semi embarrassing but seriously good. it's nice to have friends at work who i can hang out with outside of work without it being dumb or ending up dumb at work. too bad they are on the other shift or vacation staff. 

i have a ticket to china. for 3 weeks and 1 day of adventure. i get home from the moab trip and will have to go straight to the airport. dirty. i can't wait. 

and i miss my brother. it's been over a month, and i'm feeling the need to get home to see him.
and my room is a huge mess.
and i hate drama queens and kings. and sulky people. 
and i love my guy friends. like kurt, who i can have the craziest conversations with and i leave feeling so enlightened about the male species
i love candles
we got rid of jenn's cat and i love that too (sorry jenn)
i'm getting spring fever already. it happens when the sun is out for more than 2 days. 

i'm going to try to take pictures this next few days. i'm spending tomorrow up in logan with my best friend cause i need her and girl time and i just can't wait. and i got off wednesday just so that i could go to steak nights, because they really are just so great and such a boost to my social life. 

i really wish my stepmom would update her blog so that i could see my brother. hint hint. 

i see you too...