Tuesday, November 15, 2011

am i on 15?

truth of being a stay at home mom to a baby: most of the time, you don't know what day it is. when your kid doesn't have sports or school or appointments or even playdates (more complex than 'every wednesday morning', that is), you don't have any reason to check the date.

so anyways.
after today, i am grateful for trader joes...

they have such great food... today we picked up:

1001-days smoked gouda. yum, it's going to go great with the pears i got.

peppermint joe-joes!!
and chocolate covered peppermint joe-joes!!!

joe-joes are trader joe's oreo kinda cookie. during the holidays, they put peppermint in the cream, and also make chocolate covered ones with little peppermint candy crushies on them. they are sooooo good!

if you don't have a tj's near you, i am very sorry.
they keep telling me they are building 4 stores in texas (each big city) but it's not showing on their website... hopefully soon though!

sorry, no pics...
except this awesome one!!!

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