Wednesday, November 9, 2011


a few hours late.
i was sick yesterday, maybe a little food poisoning? i don't know but i haaattte being sick! i only get sick once or twice a year, because i'm lucky and because Heavenly Father knows i can't handle it. he gives that burden to stronger people.

anyways, yesterday, i was grateful that damon came home from school early to watch ellis all evening and take care of me and buy a ton of gatorade and club crackers. mmmm, club crackers. those things are so good. normal people lose weight when they are sick like i was yesterday, but not me, cause i eat about a whole box of club crackers every time.

i just did the math using the side of the box, and a whole box of club crackers has 2240 calories. awesome. and 288 carbs.

anyways. that was yesterday, and the reason i missed posting.

also, this is our living room right now at this very moment:
piles of cheerios, toys everywhere, a cup, papers, and an ipod cord (ellis loves cords, of course), and the guitar he likes playing these days.  one day i'll turn into a good housewife and be cleaner. i don't think it's going to be today though.


Jennifer Karyn said...

but don't you love your Dyson Ball??!?! :)

Tara : Damon said...

Jenn, our dyson ball is our actual firstborn son. In the will and everything. Has godparents.

Tara : Damon said...

that's why we don't even keep it in a closet, it lives right there, next to the fireplace.

i see you too...