Sunday, December 12, 2010


got to stay home with damon all day after church got cancelled because of the overnight snowfall.  it started out a little rocky (the thought of staying home alllll day and not even being able to walk over to hyvee to look around or ANYTHING???) but we actually got some things done.  we fixed the crib- we'd put the mattress support upside down making the mattress waaaaayyy too low for me to reach in, even on the highest setting.  we straightened damon's hair with my chi.  we watched 2 episodes of grey's anatomy.  we made homemade cinnamon rolls (paula deen, of course!).  so we're sitting right at about 6:45.  who knows what we might do next!

just ate a cinnamon roll and some chicken ramen for dinner.  for breakfast i ate chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter and syrup.  for lunch i had a small bowl of white rice and black beans.  i'm pretty sure the 34 black beans in my rice were the only nutritional thing i had all day.  i'm also out of prenatal vitamins.  so kid is getting no nutrients today.  bummer.  i have had 2 glasses of water, so i guess we'll see how tomorrow goes.

suck at calling people.  unfortunate sign of my times: i'd rather text or email than call anyone.  i'm part of that sad generation that is losing the ability to communicate.

think we have moved into the best ward i've been in since i joined the church in the brushy creek ward. maybe even better. i can't brag enough about my ward family, but i just love them all!

haven't had my hair cut in a year and 2 months. which is gross. i can't trust new people with my hair. and so i don't know what to do. bite the bullet?  wait till i'm in utah again?  i'm getting sick of wearing it up in a messy i-just-graduated-high-school-and-still-wear-my-hair-like-life-revolves-around-cheer-practice sort of  crazy ugly look. although i did take the time to blowdry my hair straight last night.  and then, remember, church was cancelled.

have started hearing the really obnoxious comments that people feel like it's ok to say to pregnant women.
 guy at costco: wow, you're due soon!
 me: (inside: do you consider 10 weeks soon, jack... you know what?) not really, still have like 2 months
 guy: oh, it's gonna be a big baby!
 me: (inside: gee, you're single huh?) hope not...  (this olive oil sucks, by the way)
seriously, why do people have no common sense when it comes to these things?  instead of asking, 'are you due soon?', ask 'when are you due'  (that is, if you have lost all sense alltogether and are going to assume a girl is pregnant. which is never a good idea).  instead of 'you look like you're going to pop', you could maybe say 'you look great!'.
last week, the checkout lady at hyvee was all, 'have a nice thanksgiving, it'll be the last one you'll get to enjoy!'  seriously?  i CHOSE to have a kid.  i know, hard to believe.  i don't want you to tell me how horrible life is going to be after having a baby.
and, if you are a stranger, why would you feel it's ok to grope me?  (ok, i admit this hasn't happened. i'm hoping i'm putting off a really good don't-get-near-me vibe)  why would i want you to touch me in a place nobody ever touches me except my husband?  or do you normally go around touching peoples stomachs?  i don't know, if you've never laid hands there before, it seems weird to do it once i have a being inside of me.  maybe that's just me.

can't wait until texas in just 5 short days!  my family and christmas parties and warm weather and rudys/chuy's/any other restaurant i can think of, damon out of school and with me allll day... ahhhh...

i call this one, prenatal nutrition.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things I Miss...

Good ol' Deseret Industries (it's my Church's Goodwill).  Everything is clean (mostly members donate, so no smokers- plus!) and there are so many options, and I happen to think Mormon ladies dress pretty well.  I've been to the goodwill and the salvation army here, and both time I looked for about half a second through clothes before I was more than turned off.  I really really need some long shirts, cause leggings are quickly becoming my staple outfit piece.  I also want some tall brown flat boots.  You know, nothing specific, just something kinda perfect.  Cognac.  Almost to my knee.  Not many buckles or other deterrents.  That's all.  I saw a pair at Marshall's a few weeks back and didn't buy them. Still wondering why not...

I've been as dog hungry as baby hungry since we gave Milo to the family in Texas.  Worst. Mistake. Ever. I want him back so bad, sometimes I scan the Austin craigslist ads to see if he has shown up on the 'lost' posts or, heaven forbid, the 'needs a new home' posts.  Though we told them (and I've re and re told them through a few emails since July) that if they ever for any reason need to get rid of him, to call us and I'd drive down to Texas to get him.  Apparently they aren't giving him up though.
Also, I feel like a huge traitor that I look at other dogs.  If we get a new one, will I love it as much?  Will Milo know, from 1000 miles away, that I got another dog?  Oh, the angst. 

Utah. People and restaurants.  People more. (most days) the mountains (never thought I'd say that, but it's so much easier to orient yourself against a mountain than try to figure out what direction you are going).  On that note, the grid system.  I hate named streets.  I dream of the grids of Utah towns and cities.

The Temple.  I can't fit in my temple dress. We keep wanting to go out to Omaha and I really want to go in San Antonio over the break, but I'll have to figure out the dress situation.

Friday, December 3, 2010

elephant dude

After seeing about 10,000 cute prints on etsy that I wanted for the nursery, I decided I'd have to take matters into my own hand if we didn't want to completely break the bank on this room.  So far we've done everything on a pretty steep budget, buying and refinishing a craigslist dresser (which turned out awesome) and using stuff we had and hopefully some crafty skills to make decorations.  Today I decided to finally sit down and paint something for the room.  I'd gotten stuff on sale at Hobby Lobby (and then used their 40% off one item coupons on top of that) to craft with- canvases and acrylic paint and brushes and such.

This is what I painted today, I love it so... Our 'nursery' colors are gray and yellow (goldy/mustardy yellow, not pastel) and deep blue, so this painting fit perfect.  I have lots more that I plan to make, and luckily with Damon completely swamped with school the next 2 weeks before break, I've got plenty of time on my hands to get stuff like this done!

(it's a little dark cause I took it with my phone...)

Can't wait to show you my next one!  It's gonna have an owl in it!

i see you too...