Sunday, February 28, 2010

a year ago today

or yesterday, however you want to look at it... (saturday the 28th)

we had our first date...

(he asked me out a year ago last sunday- as i was driving back from a roadtrip to california with kurt and matt... this year last weekend we went on a roadtrip to california too- to disney and san diego)

we doubled with jenn and jeff.

we made pizzas ( i seem to remember them not being very good. rudy's bbq sauce doesn't make good hawaiian pizza)  

 This was a big mistake

and did some light painting.

and went to the hot springs.

and said goodnight.

what did we do for our 1-year date-iversary???

we went to macaroni grill
and went to the planetarium
and went home to bed.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

best commercial in years and years. this should have been on during the superbowl cause it was WAY better than any of those ones they showed... watch it. memorize it. quote it throughout the day.

Monday, February 15, 2010

so everyone can see that i can be crafty.

i made a headband!!! woohooo me! i love headbands with flowers, but they are so dang expensive!  the last few i bought were like 14 and 18 bucks each... whereas learning to do it yourself and buying the cheap supplies = priceless. (actually = about $15 for enough to make a good 20 headbands)

this was my first attempt. it took about half an hour but i'm not too worried, it'll get easier. i can't wait to make more! and belts! and bobby pins with little ones! and shirts with these around the collar!  and... whatever else!

yay for being able to make your own stuff!

tonights pioneer woman make: home-made chocolate milk sauce! mmm, chocolate milk!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

the day we spent $7.28

that's right, $7.28.

'on what?', you ask....


11 oranges
8 avocados
a 5 pound bag of potatos
a 2 pound bag of grapes
3 pounds of roma tomatoes
2 boxes of cinnamon toast cruch (my favorite)
3 boxes of frosted flakes

we used coupons found on this amazing blog

and then combined them with sales going on in all the grocery store ads from all the stores in provo- all their ads fill our mailbox constantly. and then we got them all at walmart. cause walmart price matches.

it was. amazing.

in other things...
lately damon and i have been working what seems like endless opposite shifts. when i'm home by myself i don't usually cook (though tonight i think it's time again for pioneer woman's tomato soup, it's been almost a week since i made it last and i've been craving it ever since...) and instead indulge in my favorite foods- ramen or spaghettio's with 'meatballs'. mmmmm... with chocolate chips on the side.

since we haven't seen each other nearly enough damon tries to come home on his short breaks- luckily he works less than a mile away- when i'm home so we can be together more. he eats a hasty snack, usually a quesadilla. if you don't buy costco's raw tortillas, you are eating those gross flour tortillas that come in 30 packs and taste disgusting and cardboard and flour-y.  do yourself the flavor of a lifetime and go raw. it takes less time to cook a raw tortilla then get a drippy paper towel ready to microwave the gross packaged ones. we buy them 40 at a time and go through them in 2 weeks. they are AMAZING!!!

check out that beard, eh? since march is 'mustache march' he's growing it all out so he can carve a masterpiece...

my best friend kami:

1. gave me an amaryllis for Christmas. it is getting HUGE and i can't wait for it to bloom. it turned into 2 blooms also, with another little guy starting up in between the 2, so i'm really hoping for 3 pretty flowers. it already reaches our kitchen window, it's like 2 feet tall!

2. also i went up to visit Kami one day in logan a couple of weeks ago and she made food for lunch and so the other night i decided to be just like her. see?

well, that's about it for the week, i'm gonna rest before my double tomorrow.  i love it when they allow us to pick up shifts for overtime, but then i hate working the shifts. especially 16 hours in one day. yuck. 

i see you too...