Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DoodleJump THAT!

I did it!!!

It has taken me weeks and weeks and weeks and FINALLY


I beat Damon's Doodlejump score!

just over 60,000!!!

Ps. sorry I haven't kept up with the birthday week posting like I said I would. I've been working a ton in this short week, including 3 of the last 4 eight-hour shifts. and no, my shift off was NOT overnight so I didn't get any sleep in those 32 hours.  They were spent being 1-on-1 with a 16 year old who doesn't want to live and therefore is doing anything she can to get the heck outta dodge. including swallowing metal, glasses lenses, hairties, bottle caps, etc., pulling out her surgery staples, and on and on... So mostly I've been on hospital duty.  How do you help people like this?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Damon decided that last night's  FHE activity that he wanted to golf.

and he wanted me to go.

so we decided that I would drive (and try to beat his DoodleJump record on the iPod touch - not iPhone, my bad) while he played. good compromise. I like driving golf carts, and it was such a nice day outside (70's!  finally!) so we went out to Sleepy Ridge in Orem.

holy cow the mosquitos out there! it was ridiculous. and also those electric carts don't quite pick up speed. also there's a sewage treatment center a few miles away and the smell can be less than pleasant at times.

but it was still pretty and Damon got to golf and i played DoodleJump for a long time. without beating his score.

Next Time.

Friday, April 16, 2010

April 23rd

is the day my husband was born.

Therefore today is like kinda the start of his birthday week, right?  right.

some things about damon that i only noticed when we started living together (after we got married):

1. he whistles. all. the. time.  like from morning to night he'll whistle any little thing that comes into his head. songs or made-up-by-him strands. sometimes i have to call from another room "Damon can you switch songs!?"  cause he'll whistle the same 5 notes from a line of a song over. and over. and overoverover.  now i think it's funny cause i don't think he notices how much he does it.

2. he talks in his sleep. most people have experienced this if they've spent any time with him including an overnighter or a nap even. he talks EVERY time he sleeps. if he falls asleep in the middle of a conversation, he'll join in as if he didn't fall asleep. but don't be fooled. he still isn't awake when he says "yeah, i know right?".
     this morning my alarm went off at 5:50 a.m. i snoozed it for 10 minutes before i could actually start to snooze, this is what i heard:  "just cut off the fat, i can chew on that the whole day.  mmmmmmmmmmm!" and then 10 minutes later after i'd gotten up and was brushing my teeth in the bathroom:  "you'll see....  YOU'LLLLLL  SEEEEEEEEEE..." (imagine a sneaky creepy voice).  I while back i decided i have to start keeping a notepad by my bedside to start recording the things he says or does (including kicking me, sitting straight up in bed out of nowhere, pushing me off the bed, and once, when we were sharing a hotel room with anna, robbie, and anna's parents, i awoke feeling a cold rush of air on my face and look up to see damon sitting over me fanning my face.)

3.  he's addicted to scrabble. he plays on his iphone all the time. if you have an iphone or facebook, let him know cause he'd love to play you.

4.  he always does the dishes. not having a dishwasher is a trial, in my book. but damon never fails to do the dishes after i make dinner, or if there's any in the sink.  sometimes i'm a good wife and do them too. but 90% of the time, it's all him. our apartment in des moines has a dishwasher- damon's request.

there's 4 things for now. we'll have to continue this through the week of celebration.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it's tuesday.

i have to go to work. tuesdays are boring. they aren't really anything in the week. not manic monday or humpday or the-day-before-friday.  it's too bad, really.

we went to the temple this morning and then damon went to work and i came to the library because the people who lived above us with their unsecure internet connection moved. which means no internet for us.

and it's hard.

but we're coping, kind of.

anyways, this weekend we drove to des moines (grossly overlooking how long it ACTUALLY takes to drive to des moines. 15+ hours, not 12 or 13) to look for a place to live. and i think we found a place, so we're relieved to have gotten that out of the way.  just another 6 weeks of work before we're free for the summer!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Timer

So, this is Damon. I get grief from Tara every day how I don't participate in OUR blog. I've been a slacker.  I'm not even sure what to say. I'll wing it.  Today was general conference. It was great. Yesterday I was able to go to Priesthood session while Tara was making the money for the fam. She's my little sugar mama. This last weekend, we took a flashback to the past. Rob and Anna, Annie, Kristi, and Morgan came over and dyed some easter eggs. I learned some new tricks. I never knew that if you color on an egg, the dye doesn't dye there. We tried some new "sparkle technique" that came with the box but it didn't work very well.  This is Tara imitating Jake's "what's the big idea" face.

Anna and Annie try to seem surprised by me taking the picture.

Tara is proud of her masterpiece.

This was our magnificent collection.

This was the ugly snow outside, but the flowers made up for it.
There, I have contributed.

i see you too...