Saturday, November 12, 2011

11 and 12

oops, we were up late (almost 10!) last night, and i forgot to post!

yesterday, i was definitely grateful for our wonderful friends here in des moines, we have met some wonderful people out here who make it easier to be away from family and familiar places.
last night we had over 3 other couples and their kids, had some pizza and ice cream, and just enjoyed a fun friday night.

today, we got up and drove to omaha to go to the temple.  we were running a little late and had to drop off ellis with our bishop and his wife at a church a little bit away where they were doing childwatch for us... we raced back to the temple and rushed in, handed over our recommends and... damon's was expired by 1 week. i was so bummed.  damon ended up sitting out in the car for the 2 hours while i did a session.  it was wonderful still though, and fun to be there with some of our ward friends.... and now we know that damon for sure needs to get a new recommend before we head out for christmas and are near temples during the break.

so today, i am grateful for the temple, and the opportunity i have to go to such a beautiful place.  i sure miss when we lived in provo/orem and the temple was just a couple miles away.  but it's always worth the drive, no matter how far. i am grateful for the blessings the temple has brougt to my life, for greater understanding of the gospel, and most importantly, being sealed to damon for eternity, and having ellis and our future children sealed to us for the same.  it's the greatest blessing i have.

i love this video. it is a simple explanation of mormon temples, even defended by those of other religions, including a very catholic dean of divinity at harvard. it is always so nice to hear those in other religions defending my church's practices, even touting them as the very essence of christianity. not seeing eye to eye does not always have to equal misunderstanding and attacks....


Jennifer Karyn said...

I love that video.

Mandar said...

I would have cried had I driven that far only to find that his recommend was expired. But I'm also a huge wimp. I love the Winter Quarters temple! The golden leaves around the doorway are my favorite.

i see you too...