Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For Michelle! =)

Cause I miss you sooooo!!!

I've been the worst blogger in all of blogland the last few months. There aren't any excuses, I just don't feel like it. About ever....

But it's time for an update.

Since we got back from St. Louis we've been just hanging out, cleaning and organizing, and enjoying our time as a family of 3.  We've gone swimming and shopping and organized every room and closet in our little apartment to make room for one more.

Here are some pics from the last little bit (some of them are on instagram so sorry if anyone is tired of them yet!)

Ellis gets super bored here at home during the day. Which makes no sense to me cause I would love to spend a day laying on the couch watching HGTV for 8 hours straight. But he doesn't think that's fun. So I try to get him somewhere each day. Some days its just to the car, where we go somewhere and sit in the AC and he plays with the radio dials and emergency light button.  Other days we take field trips to places like Krispy Kreme. (it's no Round Rock donut, never will be, but I do like those sour cream ones)  Ellis had a cotton candy donut and wouldn't wear a hat.  Then we left and he ran away from me in the parking lot and I got to chase after him. I know why parents buy those kid leashes, and if they were socially acceptable, I'd have one.

We also got to go to a Cubs game the other night! We went with a few ward friends and Ellis had a blast walking back and forth down the row of chairs and cheering for something, he's not sure what.  After 4 or so innings, we headed out to .... QT!  Where we got nachos and hot dogs and a root beer to eat on the ride home, for dinner. Cause we're classy like that...

Ellis' favorite person is dad, and after Damon finally came back to Iowa he decided that DAD IS THE  BEST PERSON EVER!!!! He follows him around and wants to be held and cries if he leaves the room and just wants to do everything dad does.  Also, as you can see, he lets dad dress him.

Ellis' new favorite thing is to pray. Which is awesome. He does it all the time. Including in the pool while swimming and meeting neighbors, during conversations, and sometimes, appropriately at church or at night when we pray together as a family. But usually at night he likes to wander around instead and figure out ways to get out of going to bed.

We've been doing lots of fun cleaning and organizing and purging of junk and buying of more junk and wandering stores like it's going out of style. Ellis loves looking at fish and finding things to destroy or carry around or eat while we shop. He also loves pushing the cart and gets so mad if you try to help steer. Like throws a fit mad. He also just throws a lot of fits in general. So that should be fun for the next 2 years.

We are excited for little number 2 to make his debut hopefully in the next week. Promise, we will post/text/facebook/instagram when it happens!  For now we are enjoying our friends and our little family, and waiting for what we consider sacred time when we welcome a new baby into our home. We are so excited!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My brother

Rik is married to Damon's sister Heidi.  He is the kindest, happiest, most loving person. And generally one of the biggest highlights of our trips home to Spokane.  And he is amazing.

i see you too...