Tuesday, October 21, 2014

When I first saw this video a few days ago, it made me really happy.  I think it's great that parts of my religion can be better explained and made known- these things are not secret, but they are sacred to me, to Damon, and to millions of other Latter-Day Saints. Many of my friends have shared the video on Facebook, but that seemed still a little strange to me, I'm not sure why. But I wanted to share it here at least, for my family who aren't LDS to learn another aspect of my religion that previously may have been strange or confusing to them. I love that now not only can you see what we wear in the temple (and outside the temple under our everyday clothing), but with open houses of new temples (ie the San Antonio temple back in 2005) anyone can see every single room inside a temple, see how beautiful a place it is, and feel the peace granted there.

 I of course have had people ask about my 'magical underwear', which is a really obnoxious way of phrasing something held so sacred to the person who wears temple garments.  I'd never go up to an Orthodox Jew and refer to his 'magic hat'. Also, I don't get why people are fascinated with what others wear under their clothes, that just seems strange. But anyways, this is what we wear under our clothing, and obviously the shapes of the garments limit what we wear to modest clothing- no booty shorts would go well with a garment coming out underneath down your leg! Same goes with things like halter tops, strappy shirts, short skirts, etc.

These are the garments Damon and I wear always, under our regular clothes (besides things like exercising, swimming, showering- obviously, etc), to help us remember the sacred covenants we made to each other on the day we were sealed together, and that we have made to our God in the temple. The temple clothing is what we both wore when we were sealed and what we wear when we go back and do temple work (whenever we can get to a temple, we hate not having one in town!).  On my wedding day, we went into the temple in normal clothing and put on these pieces, and were sealed wearing them. I then came down to a changing area where I put on my wedding dress and so my family and friends outside the temple were the first to see me in my dress which I wore throughout the day and during our ceremony at Wheeler Ranch.

Hopefully this video sheds some light on an aspect that may be confusing or just may have caused curiosity or questioning in any of my family or friends. I know many people don't read this blog anymore, but for anyone who does and has wondered, now you know!

i see you too...