Saturday, November 19, 2011

20 ... right?

Today I am grateful for Stake Conference.

 Stake conference is where the whole stake (which is like, a large area... our stake covers all of the Des Moines metro, and also most of the small surrounding towns, and includes about 10 wards, or congregations.  Our stake probably totals close to 2000 people) gets together and we all have kind of a church meeting together, we hear from the stake presidency, usually the area mission's president, maybe the temple president, etc.  Tonight was the adult session (which basically means adults plus all the babies under 18 months who are too young to go to nursery), and our main speaker was an area authority.  He ended up mostly doing a question/answer type thing, which is always fun to do. People come up with great questions, some of the ones I remember, were:

How do we shield our families and make our home a safe place in such a changing world?
Who will receive the glory of God?
As a mother, how can I not feel overwhelmed and are there areas that I should most focus on when teaching my children so that I am not only giving half effort in many areas that may not be as important as others?

It was all great, but one quote I remembered without even writing down, and even wrestling Ellis out in the hall, was
"If this life is it, then life is unfair!"
I feel so lucky  to know that this mortal existence is only a snapshot of my eternal person and life.

I wish I could share all the things I heard, but honestly, I was only able to take notes on my phone for a little bit before being distracted by Ellis.

I do remember the first few speakers talking about invitations. Inviting others to come unto Christ and the gospel, and also the invitation for me, from the Spirit, to receive Him into my life and to live the gospel as well I can.

He also talked about a good way to study scriptures, what he does... he keeps a journal with specific questions that he is looking for answers to. Anything from how to get through trials, to how to deal with specific problems, how to have the Spirit with you at all times, etc... Anyways, he keeps those questions in his journal and keeps adding to them, and searches the scriptures for those answers (I would guess using the bible dictionary, index, topical guide, etc) and writes what he finds under topic headings so that he can go back and look at them.

Sorry if this is not really something you are interested in, sometimes blogging is a way for me to journal or keep things I am trying to remember...

I'm grateful for the gospel and those who share with and teach me, helping me grow and progress.

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