Friday, March 30, 2012


I have been super sucky at blogging, right?
Well, I have an excuse! My phone is doing this super annoying thing (ok, 10 super annoying things) where it won't bluetooth to my computer. Ok, it is probably my stupid computer that is in the wrong. So all my super awesome pictures on my phone can't get to the computer and can't get to the blog and so... I don't blog.
Also, I'm lazy. And have been reading a lot. And am lazy.
Also, Ellis is awake from his nap and I'm starving so I'm about done with this. But I promise to make Damon fix my phone/computer tonight so I can do this right!

BEHOLD! Pictures taken with my actual real life camera. Dudes, that never happens. Also, I didn't bother to edit them any, so right. sorry.
These are from Ellis' first swing ride among other fun things...

well this one is from when he snuck a sucker out of my purse.

Just orange hair, blowing in the wind!

and what the heck, why is this one sideways? the file isn't sideways when i upload it! grrr. blogger is also annoying. anyone know how to change it?

i see you too...