Monday, May 17, 2010

a little late

this has already flown around the internet and blogs galore, but if you happen to be outside of utah, or outside of Mormonism, this is for you!

i love this woman. and i've never met her (though one time at Cafe Fresh here in orem i was  waiting for my food order, texting at a table, when to my joyful surprise, in she walked with 2 of her sisters for lunch and they sat at the table RIGHT BEHIND ME within about 2 feet. i was so excited but didn't say hi (stupid!) but listened to their conversation instead).  her blog is an inspiration to anybody who is a wife, mother, woman... seriously, go to her blog ("i read nienie" button up there on the left) and backread- yes. start from 5 years ago. i promise it will be fulfilling- yes, a blog can be fulfilling.

you will love her too.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 days

give or take. actually i think it was exactly 12 from when i left in kristi's car for the long drive home to texas till i got in last night on that jet plane (after experiencing the worst turbulence on a plane i've ever been in- seriously, people were freaking out).

it was a fun trip. back and forth between san antonio and austin, hanging with the fam and tara and byron and jeni and kevin who happened to be in texas at the same time- what luck!

 but 12 days is a long time and i was REALLY ready to come home to my husband. traveling (even home) just isn't as fun without the partner in crime. who wants to go downtown or go hiking or eat at all the best places alone? not i said the fry. so home i came and damon was waiting at the airport for me... 

so on our drive home he mentioned that he'd left his jacket and wallet at work and we had to go pick it up at his supervisor's house. yippee, exactly what i want to do after traveling all day and not eating since 11:30 and feeling gross in airplanes crowded with weirdos. to make it worse, when we finally pull up to the house damon mentions how they 'want to meet me'  and can i just go in too for 5 minutes- he promises, i don't even have to sit down. (um, cause i told him i REFUSED to sit down. nice wife eh? haha) i follow him unwillingly to the door and put on a fake smile and say hi to damon's coworkers and their kids and in the corner of the room is a big box of squirmy...


damon got me a puppy!!!!! he's the best surpriser ever! holy cow i've been wanting a dog for like 4 years  now. and for the last 6 months damon just says 'one day, one day'... and i dream about a dog with his head out the window in the wind and a dog to take camping and a dog to play with in the park and to teach to open the fridge and grab me a cold one and ... my oh  my, a dog during the summer is my idea of ultimate. does that make sense??  well here he is!

his mom's a golden retriever (my favorite!) and his dad is half border collie and half lab! oh man isn't he so cute with his gold legs and eyebrows???  we can't have him till june but i'm SOSO SOSOSOSO excited!  

woohoo! our first kid!

i see you too...