Sunday, June 21, 2009


our quick part of the massive moab trip 09'... 

view of landscape from up and behind

they are so brave!
i was NOT about to stand up on that rock!
skyline arch? i can't remember them all
tyler, katie, me and damon
navajo arch

landscape arch
balancing rock and star trails

just a couple of the 200+ that came on the trip this year

Delicate Arch

Thursday, June 18, 2009

so much to dooo...

i've got about 3 hours till i need to go to work (i love being prn, and the fact that this is the only evening i've worked since last week) and before then i have so much crap to do...
*oil change
*go get mascara (this seems dumb, but how crappy would it be to run out of the mascara you like - clinique high impact, thank you very much- in CHINA??? so sad!)
*get the rest of our food for moab, and distilled water and fish food so damon doesn't kill my fish
*clean out my car
*pack for china AND moab since i'm working the morning shift tomorrow and we leave right when i get out
*go to the library to print out our moab maps
*make any food we are taking down and pack up the car, also find an extra sleeping back and a tarp for us all to sleep on.

im soooooo excited. the massive moab trip of 08 was for sure the best thing i did all year, and made me more friends than i'd made in the past few years. this year we are expecting closer to 250 people, and i'm so excited to go with my handsome man and his brother tyler and tyler's girlfriend. even though we'll only be there like 24 hours. i can't wait!

i'll be sure to put up pics before i leave sunday afternoon for that one asian continent...

Monday, June 15, 2009

it has been raining like cray here the last couple of weeks... i think today is the first that it hasn't since my birthday or something. it's been pretty cool- in the 70's , and we haven't even hit 90 yet this summer, which is really odd. the rain has had it's fun moments though. the other night damon and i went and played in it... but only for a few minutes cause it was so freezing cold. 

best rainbow these storms has produced so far... i was going to get my paycheck when i was passing the temple and saw an ammAAAZIng rainbow, so i had to race back home to get my camera. by the time i got back, the rainbow had faded a little, but it was still cool

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

what summer is for... 

i want to do everything this summer. i want to drive to the beach (i'll even accept one in california) and go to disney world.
i want to go camping. thank goodness for moab, though i really hope to go many more times this summer
i want to see fireworks, i'm so sad that i'll be out of the country for my favorite holiday-the 4th...  just will have to make do with the 24th i guess
i wanna go on a roadtrip to anywhere new, drive with the windows down, sing the whole way, eat crappy car food 
i want to hold a tiny baby. asap. i just love how their soft little bodies fill your arms and they smell so good and they just stare at you and be sweet.
i want to go out on the water in a canoe ... or paddle boat.
i want to have a picnic (ok i've done that one technically, it was great. damon invented tacos)
i want to lay out under the stars away from the traffic noise and lights of provo
i want it to get hot already!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Um, today is cool...

some reasons why today has rocked so far:

1. i finally FINALLY got my passport sent to texas, so that it can be hand delivered along with my visa application to the China embassy in Houston by my oh-so-kind mother so that i can actually maybe possibly fly TO CHINA in 13 days. that's right. 13.  basically the passport/visa stuff has been a nightmare, caused tears, been pushed way too close to my travel date... but now it's done and i just have to sit fat and happy awaiting my visa. 

2. the sunflower farmer's market store in orem. the provo farmer's market hasn't really produced great fruits/vegetables yet, cause the harvest season is just not ready i guess. so i checked out this market i've been meaning to, and it's great! almond butter! (which i got $2 cheaper cause there was a problem with the barcode- and i don't even feel bad cause almond butter is so ridiculously priced) artichokes and plums! 3 pounds of vanilla almond granola on clearance! cantalopes were 3 for $2!!!  artichoke humus and pita chips! i know, i'm turning so green and stuff. 

3.  i finally got around to going to the gym. my moab/china goals have slipped away and i've been pretty absent from the place in the last month... or 2... but not anymore! i'm determined to be somewhat healthy before i leave for china... cause i have a feeling some of the food is going to do me in. 

4. i saw christian nielsen and oliver and nicholas at wells fargo. that's right. NieNie's husband. they bank with me. we're practically friends now.  he was as handsome as she reports almost daily on her blog. i felt butterflies, his long hair, big smile, sunglasses... i pictured him on his motorcycle and felt a baby bit jealous. he's hot for real. (and knowing how amazing he is besides his looks made it hard to concentrate on filling out my withdraw slip) so head on over to nienie's blog up there on the right to read her newest ode-to-christian post and see a pic of her... sorta. =)

(pic 'borrowed' from the nieniedialogues)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

2 Dozen.

Oh yeah, thursday... some have asked...
I turned 2 dozen.
it feels the same as 23. 

i'm almost a quarter-century old! holy wow!

i woke up (not so early, damon and i had stayed up late watching He's Just Not That Into You... and we actually both stayed awake through the whole thing!) and Damon made french toast. YUM! he even got Texas Toast to use- not just any old bread. it was sooo good. and pina colada yogurt- who knew?!?!  so Damon had to be at work at noon so i was putting away dishes while he went upstairs to change cause he was almost late... aaannndd... then he came downstairs in his bathing suit and a yamaka (sp?) instead of his scrubs. i was confused. he had taken the day off! so fun!

so we went golfing. we went mini golfing. he won the first game. i got myself soaking wet stubbornly trying to putt my ball out of water trap. but that was ok cause it was blazing hot. i won the second game.  it's good to keep things balanced. then we went to the pool cause it was soooo hot! and we laid out a little. but the clouds rolled in. so we went home and just hung out talking. mugging. decided to be productive or something. so we went and bought some steaks. and we grilled. they were so good. we hung out with the boys. we may have watched some arrested development? and then we.... i'm trying to remember now. i think after that we were trying to think of something else to do. and we ended up taking so much time doing that that it started getting later and later and later. so we just watched a movie. and that was fine by me. luckily we are pretty ok just mugging and watching movies. a lot.  (oh, i'm sorry, you don't know what mugging is? hmmm... i love that post. it's so truth. i liiiiiiikkeee a lot holding damon's hand.)

and he made me an adventure book. if you haven't seen Up (go now!), you probably won't get it. but it was super sweet and cute and it had pictures and pictures of us and lots and lots of sweet words that i feel blogger isn't special enough for me to share them on. let's just say... it was the sweetest gift ever. 

and that. was that. =)

now really. go get tickets for Up.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i'm getting so puppy hungry. i neeeeeeeed one. how could anyone not need that little thing??

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

round 2: hiking

Damon and I got to have an all-day date yesterday when we both were off of work.  First we went hiking up provo canyon. it was a perfect day cause it wasn't too hot- just in the 70's and there was some cloud cover, so it was just nice, and the mountains are SO green right now. on the way back down we (damon) spotted...

we also went and saw the move Up, which was sooooo cute. really really, my favorite movie in a long time. (don't spend the money to see it in 3d, there's really nothing cool in that aspect) it made me want a dog reaaaal bad. i cried. (a lot) i laughed. it was great. 

and we had dinner together

and we watched arrested development (though lately i have been falling asleep ever time we go to the boys' house to watch movies or tv)

and we went to the hot tub. and swam too. my favorite.
(he's great)

round 1: texas

here are some pics from home. we had a water camera that we took to seaworld that i still have to get developed, just haven't gotten around to it... who develops film anymore? hopefully soon...
Hi Jake.

  dancing with the waitresses at Joe's
nothing better than rudy's... cream corn, bbq, dublin dr. pepper...
our abandoned house find
abandoned house in ... dripping springs? can't remember
cool nose ring.

    he loooooves bean and cheese burritos!
when you spill, there's no use picking up, just eat it off the floor...

here are some pics from home. we had a water camera that we took to seaworld that i still have to get developed, just haven't gotten around to it... who develops film anymore? hopefully soon...

i see you too...