Thursday, July 2, 2015


I don't know why I'm updating this blog. Because I don't think people blog anymore. But for some reason I'm going to now.
Because I'm avoiding.
My worst enemy right now.
Oh yeah we had a baby and it was a girl! Who is now 5/12 months old. I swear if we have a 4th kid it won't get a blog post til people are all like "remember that thing 'blogger' where people thought people cared and only true friends and grandparents actually cared?"
And this little girl (Margaret Holland after my grandmother and Elder Holland) fell from the 54% weight at birth to the 21% at 2 months to the 8% at 4 months which Ellis also did but still I let the worry creep on in and so I got myself a pump and hook my body right up to it twice a day to try to force more of my lowfat mother's milk into her every day in preparation for her 6th month dismal percentile checks.
I digress.

Now I forgot what I was even going to blog about. I'm supposed to put Maggie's birth story up here too. I have it mostly on my phone. I typed it on there when she was a couple of months old because I was starting to forget the painful details. I have to get that on here.

Well, I have nothing to say really... The pump is staring me down and the clock is ticking later and later and all I want to do is either online shop or go to bed. But I have to pump.

Most worthless blog post ever.

Redeeming pictures:
all outtakes from Texas 3 months ago.

i see you too...