Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Honor of Kristi

in honor of her being 24 years and 1 week old, i present, a slew of photographic wonder.

my favorite picture of her ever.
followed closely by:
she sat on cheetos in her car the whole drive to the temple...

 woop woop!

 she loves fajitas...
 and she's a part time model.
 this was the time i flew into china and she immediately wanted to go to a tex mex restaurant in beijing.
 in the tallest building in shanghai...
the worst city ever, where everything went wrong.
 the time we decided the italian restaurant at the top of the Ritz Carlton in Shanghai was just fancy enough for us in our sweaters.

 a little DI treasure hunting...
 she loved that map (and now, thanks to pintrest, i wish i'd kept that)

 cheesy sister photos.

HAPPY (1 week late) BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST SISTER I COULD HAVE ASKED FOR! I can't wait till the next time we can go explore a foreign country together.

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Jennifer Karyn said...

this is cute. and the piano picture is awesome.

i see you too...