Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am grateful that I get to be home with this little dude all day. Some days, the minutes seem to drag on and on, and he whines and doesn't entertain himself, etc.  Other days, he's perfectly pleasant. Usually, it's a pretty even mix.

Either way, I know I wouldn't be able to hand him over to strangers, or anyone else, for that matter, to care for him, and go off to work anywhere without thinking of him all day. I know it works well for some people, but it wouldn't for me. I'm so glad I can be home taking care of him, he's so fun to be with! He is getting such a funny little personality.  He knows how to dance (shake his head when he hears music), and I'm trying to teach him how to high-five (uh, he's getting there) and he likes to shriek and make pretty funny noises and slap me while I carry him, which he thinks is hilarious. And he has started being able to push himself up from laying down into a sitting position (this is quite a feat since he doesn't actually crawl yet- not on his hands and knees, he just pulls himself everywhere with his arms), loves to play the guitar, August Rush-style, and loves eating all kinds of food.

I love being able to see him grow and learn and discover new things. He is just little treat.

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Mandy and Paul said...

I can't imagine going from constantly being around your kid to leaving them at daycare for eight hours. I don't know how some moms do it.

His facial expressions kill me. I don't blame you for practically wanting to make out with him, what a ham!

i see you too...