Thursday, November 20, 2008

wishful thinking

think i could convince BYU to get in on this ??

i love sweats. especially now that it's gonna get cold (is winter coming or not??)
if BYU doesn't jump on the bandwagon (i'm guessing my chances might be slim) i might hold out for utah to do it. it's only a matter of time before the eewts embrace. and maybe i'll apply for grad school just so i can make the switch official. (hey, i've done it before, i just changed my mind at the last minute and decided not to start classes...)


Catherine said...

they actually have some sweats just like that at the bookstore...deanna got some and haven't taken them off for days..ok that's a lie, but if she could she wouldn't.

Tara said...

they have oregon ones... super sassy... =)
thought about those too.

i see you too...