Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i'm shameless

i heard the song over a month ago. at the end of a grey's anatomy episode. and i scoured the internet for the lyrics, the artist, anything. i found it buried in some obscure corner of the www, and almost cried when i saw that the album wasn't being released till nov. 11th.... NOVEMBER 11TH!!! I have been checking itunes almost daily hoping they'd release the single early... and they released 3 album singles... but not THE ONE...

and so tonight i got home from derek's at 12:30... and i came straight to the computer and downloaded the other 8 songs... and i love it. i am not ashamed to say that i'm addicted to taylor swift. she's like, 18 or something. country. twangy at times. sometimes her voice wavers (whose doesn't?). i don't care. i'm a lyrics girl. she's my mind. i don't know if it's a good thing that i think like a big haired 18 year old. (at least she's gorgeous...) but either way, it's true, i can't quit her songs. david used to make fun of me for blasting her, and 2 years later i haven't grown out of it. whatever.

want to know me right now? go read lyrics.
White Horse (the song of all songs that I waited over a month for)
The Way I Loved You
You Belong With Me
You're Not Sorry
Forever & Always

you know you want to... go... read... be uplifted. relive high school days (or 23-year-old days)
cause everyone's got that one singer who they should be seriously embarrassed to love so much. but you aren't. i'm not.

(ok a tiny bit)

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