Wednesday, November 5, 2008


so i'm separating the blogs... cause i put way too much of myself on here, and i need a separate picture blog.
i think the url is
-but there's no pictures up yet, my internet is sucking.. check back late tonight or tomorrow. (or for you night owls, 4 a.m.)

yeah, i'm staying loyal to here, too complicated to have blogs in different places, and i'm an uncomplicated person- ha!

so now you can chose to ignore my useless ramblings and just see pictures. or visa versa, if that's what you're into...

in other news, today i decided i need a man for nothing (well, for now at least)
cause i like going to home depot by myself (i will marry a man who can browse for over an hour by himself without disturbing me while i do so) and looking at bbq pits, tile, light fixtures, and power drills. i bought drawer knobs. cause i found a dresser on clearance, but i hate the crap color, so i'm re-finishing it myself. after i put it together myself. with a tool. and then i'm gonna replace the stupid knobs with my cooler ones. and then i'm gonna be so proud. that's right. i can sand, paint, and screwdrive alone. hmmm... would have been nice to have a guy around to carry the damn thing up to my apartment though.

tonight is steak night. i love austin so much.

that's all, i love you.

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