Sunday, November 23, 2008

saw twilight tonight... (ps if you are in provo and haven't yet seen it, go see it at the scera theater- it's only $6.50 and the theater was about 1/3 full!)

best part of the movie???

this... sexxxxxyyy... gorgeous to (actually) die for Jeep Rubicon

want to see her up close and personal???
hand check!

talk about something to lust after. not to mention all the other cars... seriously, the best scenes were that jeep driving through the mud and the scene when edward saves bella in the dark alley in his volvo s60r.

the rest of the movie was allright (bella's acting was atrocious, but then again, the books totally lean on cheesy cliche's-stammering and breath-stopping moments)

i did love the darkness of the movie-dark scenes, nothing too bright, rich greens of the great northwest... and jacob with his long hair and perfect white teeth? yes please (next movie...)! i'll admit, at first i was disappointed with edward- but as the movie wore on (and on and on), i ended up falling for his intensity.

anywho.... i have to work in the morning. guess i should sleep.

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c m kynaston said...

it took me a while to even get into the book. I read it half way and stopped then had to read it again to finish it. Then I loved book 2 and I've been keeping myself in anticipation for book 3 and haven't read it because I know it's the last book and I don't want it to end. =) (i think it took so long to read because bella was SO ANOYING in book 1 - NOBODY looks that good!) I'll be looking for those nice cars when I watch it. =) I hope you're doing well. Love your photography! hugs, Cherilyn

i see you too...