Tuesday, November 18, 2008

things that are awesome:
that face. spoon me. graffiti. driving around with nowhere to go with her.

things that are ridiculous:
the fact that finishing this dresser has taken me like 2 weeks. the fact that i can't undertake any project without tons of junk food (a ring pop, a bowl of chocolate popcorn, a 2 liter of pomegranate 7-up.

things that are sad:
i can't wear my favorite jeans to work anymore. they got hole'd and we got a dress code. bah.

things that rock:
yeah, he makes that face always when he pictures. i think the camera doesn't work if he doesn't.

things that are funny:
that he tried to make it the whole way and he is a goof...

but then he remembered that if he walks and doesn't hold those up, they fall right down.

(but he really did make it the whole way)

things that are glorious:
there is a beach in utah county.

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