Friday, November 14, 2008

mind blubber

i hate public restrooms. with a passion. even more so when there's a line to get into a stall in a PUBLIC RESTROOM. and I HAVE TO GO INTO THAT TINY TINY NASTY stall immediately after somebody exits cause there is some impatient woman in line behind me who wouldn't understand how DISGUSTING it is to walk into that TINY STALL to the body smells of another person!! Who HAS BEEN URINATING OR WORSE IN THAT 2x2 area! i hate being in public restrooms at the same time as other people. i'm really disturbed about this today. scary park bathrooms are the worst. public bathrooms are a stain on the underwear of this nation.

i love other things though. like catherine. and the 2 cd's she made me (i've craved music the last week more than food). and the pudding. and the flower. and the words. love her. love her music. love that we went through some same things with one same person and get each other.

i love the girls i work with- they are a little nutso at times (a lot) and they are out of control and can't control their emotions mostly and they aggravate me to no end some days. but really, they make me laugh and they are awesome mostly.

i love tomatoes and provolone.

i love sleepovers and staying up all night laughing and talking and and the fact that lately my deepest conversations have been with males. it reminds me that i do have the ability to communicate with them even though they drive me nuts.

i really love grey's anatomy.

i love roadtrips and the fact that i will get to drive home for a couple days in december and see the great roadsides of the southwest.

what do you love?

(dear cam, where have you been? come back to blogs!)

i see you too...