Thursday, November 6, 2008

another day... back to work.. BUT i remembered that i have a vacation day this sunday! woohoo! so only 3 days of work this week. which rocks.

i've been incredibly annoyed the last couple of weeks. be it the election, the cold weather and my lack of the perfect jacket, what have you... hopefully this will be my last annoyed angry blog post for a while. but you never know.

my sister and her friend clark (a californian, nonetheless!) were over last night and we were talking about all the craziness that has surrounded the last few weeks, and how extreme some people have been lately

why do people throw their beliefs at others? can't you just live the way you live without having to rub it faces? are other people not entitled to the same opinions and thoughts that you are?

why do people only vote by party? 'i'm a republican! i WILL vote mccain!!" "i'm democrat, go obama!"... who cares? i think it just shows a lack of intellect and drive towards actually knowing WHO you are voting for. Did you really research the candidates? did you actually pick one that goes along with what you value? or are you voting for an donkey or an elephant? hmm... i appreciate now more than ever people with minds, who think the way THEY think, not how a society, institution, friend, religion, or Kanye thinks... so if you actually kept up with election stuff, considered BOTH candidates, read up on what they believed, what they've supported in the past, how they've campaigned in the past, then good for you. and if you just voted blue or red, maybe try harder next time.

because of a blog post about how i was tired of hearing about prop 8 (not which side i supported), i was told by friends (church members, obviously) that i wasn't following the prophet, wasn't following their counsel, blah blah blah. here's what i have to say to them: SCREW YOU. i can think for myself, i have a testimony of the gospel and of the prophet, and i follow them in every way that applies to my life. i dare say i follow the principles and ordinances as much as, if not more, than you. the church has released a statement on the involvement with prop 8... i agree with the guy who commented this: "It disappoints me how few of my Californian Mormon friends, in their (often self-righteous) zeal, dealt with the issue with anywhere near the class and consideration the Church itself has presented here." I know that things are important to people, and we all have a right to stand up to what we believe. thats the beauty of where we live. now if we could only figure out how to be true disciples of Christ and love one another... despite differences and without bigotry and intolerance and avoidance of that which is different...

i'm glad elections are over, i'm glad that i have a president to support as a citizen of America, and glad that i'll never live in california. change is inevitable, and should be embraced. people should be embraced. and all you people that said you would leave if obama won, or if prop 8 passed... pack your bags and go. if you are really that staunch against change, different views, democracy... then you probably don't deserve to live here anyways.

**warning: the previous entry was written on the wings of an annoyance, and may offend some. if so, that's your problem for being offended, you can chose how to feel. however, it doesn't mean i love you any less...

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