Tuesday, November 25, 2008

monday schmonday...

(don't fall in!)

most people hate mondays... it's my favorite day of the week- the first of my 2-3 days off, my weekend... i love my days off more than anybody ever could ever love days off. i love that i can drive to salt lake just to try out a new restaurant. i love that i can wear my favorite jeans (that are so close to having to be retired until i can make them into shorts for summer, booo!) and one of 20 colors of american apparel tshirts and tennis shoes the whole time and not have to worry about a dress code (we are about to have to wear PCS polo shirts... POLO SHIRTS!!! ps, i look horrible in polo shirts). i love that i can spend time with other people who either don't work or only have an hour of class or work at nights... i take all my pictures on my days off. i love driving and how cheap gas is and going to sonic 2 or more times a day. dear monday, i love you.

yesterday cam and i went up... somewhere? past deer creek. or was it beaver creek? beaver bend? dear beaver? i don't know where we were, i just know it took a long time to get there. we saw some waterfalls that were frozen or in the process of freezing. i got ice shoved down my shirt and pants. i said some dumb things (happens a lot).

i love barne's n noble...

and subway (especially when i'm starving cause all i had so far today was a vanilla dr. pepper and i am starting to get grumpy and if you don't make a decision about where to get food i might shove you out the passenger side door)

we watched jumper. cameron's little brother jeremy is just funny and sweet and they are exactly alike. things were funny. i almost peed my pants.

today i'm finishing noteworthy's traffic and such pictures. and going to see erin and her little baby. and doing some shopping. i want to buy a small turkey. cause i want to learn how to cook a turkey. i work thanksgiving this year- so for the first time i'll be spending it alone. weird... since i was living in texas i've ether spent my thanksgiving with my best friend derek's family or david's family. may try to get up to centerville to hang out with derek and the pando's for a while friday morning or saturday (cause i don't wanna miss making blankets for homeless people, or staying up all night watching movies and playing the sign game and building pyramids, and going to see a movie thanksgiving night and playing at the park in the mornings)... just gonna be a strange year.

i must get productive. things are going to happen today.

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