Wednesday, February 9, 2011

way back wednesday

lookin' through old pics, not much else to do.

(actually i have about 12 decent sized things to do on my white board to-do-list)

here are a few old funny things to look at... sometimes this blog is just for me to look at, and then i remember that other people read it too. so hope you're having a super boring day!

the time i made kami eat 6 corndogs with me. we were moving out and needed to clean out the freezer.

the time kristi did something really really naughty.  yeah, that's a plunger. and yeah, it was just used.

the time when we couldn't take a picture at all.

the time i was gangsta and we fell in love.

the time i told them 'nobody brings tents to mmt (massive moab trip)!  we all just sleep under the stars on big ol' tarps and it's awesome!'  well, in 2009, everybody else brought tents. which was not awesome. we didn't, and not only did we not have enough blankets for 4 people in 40 degree nighttime weather, but we also didn't have any soft things to sleep on.  i also missed every single shooting star that the others saw.  on the plus side, i did get to technically have a sleepover with damon (though i was also right next to my now bro in law and another girl...)- scandal!

ahh, it's good to reminisce, friends.  

now, if you are REALLY bored, go ahead and read this. some of the comments are pretty witty. my favorite might be
"Jimmer once beat Michelle in a game of connect-4.  He won of course... in 3 moves"
"Jimmer was once on the Maury Povich show.  At the end of the show, Maury announced, 'Jimmer, you are the father of the 1972 Miami Dolphins!'"

poor girl, she had no idea what was coming to her. 


Kellie said...

I love the picture of Kami! Doesn't she hate corndogs? It made me think of the picture when you guys put pollen on each other and then it stained your skin...

p.s. your baby is going to be adorable

Damon said...

Morgan said...

I love these pics it reminds me of silly stuff me and my friends did! Super awesome!!


david-and-emily said...

ooh so glad I stumbled upon this cute! And congrats on your upcoming little one!!

i see you too...