Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 mr. mac's photobooth...

The Happy Valentine's Wreath.  
Out and hanging on our breaker box in the kitchen.  I might decorate more for Valentine's, but this year I've got something bigger to look forward to...

The first night in our apartment here in Iowa
Tang, and a free Papa Murphy's pizza.  And the toilet paper and TV- the only essentials we had. 

The best tortilla soup ever.  I feel like making some right now.  But we don't have chicken. Or avacados.  Bummer.

A swirly mouth.

Starting to get painful to sleep, turn from side to side in bed, have to get up 4 times a night to use the restroom, pull those boots on (Thanks Damon)

Favorite current outfit options: this really huge target henley, and Damon's gray sweatpants.  It's too uncomfortable to try to pull on jeans, especially if Damon isn't home.  And shoes?  I can barely cross my leg over my knee to get them on- really, my leg just falls back down.  

Less than 2 weeks, right? 

 -typing what i'm thinking instead of what i mean to type. today i sent an email to a girl in our ward with the subject "cookie tomorrow" instead of "cooking tomorrow".  yeah, you can tell where my mind was.
 -being the only ones apparently to not get the message that there were no youth activities at church tonight. love rushing to make dinner, eating dinner in about 4 minutes, running out the door in the 8 degree cold, driving to the church and finding... an empty parking lot.  awesome. we're informed leaders.
 -more annoying than awkward: being 1 day too late in canceling our netflix free trial month (we have a 6 month membership gift that we are going to activate, we just figured we do the free month first and get 7 months out of this...)  so, we paid for this month now.  i guess we'll start our gift membership in march. hopefully i remember to cancel at the end of february.

 -when somebody is has headphones in and is on the computer, and then laughs or smirks about something. kinda like how when you are thinking to yourself and others are around, and then somebody asks you what you are smiling about, but you didn't realize you were smiling, and what you were thinking about is probably a) inappropriate to share or b) not something you can fit into the conversation/activity to make people think you weren't off in la-la land but were actually in the present with them.  i guess this could be awkward too. but Damon just did it, so i thought it was funny.
 -having nothing to cook and somehow throwing together a meal (casserole or crockpot usually does the trick) that actually works and you'd even make again.
 -knowing that either your baby could come at any minute, or that you have more time to indulge in any food/drink you want.  today's menu: cereal- healthy. macaroni and cheese (whole box), the rest of the bag of chocolate chips, a glass of hot chocolate with a marshmallow, more noodles with cheesy sauciness for dinner, a scoop of ice cream, 2 glasses of chocolate milk, and a spoonful of cajete quemada (burnt goatsmilk candy)... not healthy.  it's a win-win, really.
 -snl's  Miley Cyrus show.  i can't stop saying things are 'pretty cool'


tatton.kirsten.brookelyn.ethan said...

these two weeks are going to fly, i promise you. and then sleeping gets REAL easy after that...but not really...

either way you look fantastic! and i say that even though i know you feel the exact opposite of fantastic...but i mean it! prego looks beautiful on you!

good luck laboring!

JenniferKaryn said...

I love your blog posts. You're so cute!! I can't wait for you to have that baby!

kami said...

You look amazing! Enjoy these last few days of pregnancy...though they feel like they last forever, you'll miss it eventually :) I can't wait to hear how it all goes!! Best of luck...sending very positive thoughts your way, you will do amazing!

i see you too...