Monday, February 7, 2011

last night was a really really. really. long night. painful. every time i rolled, my pelvis cracked. something is hurtfully wrong somewhere in my middle-to-the-right back. and on top of that, the knuckle i cheese-gratered hurt a lot and the leftover bandaid marks stuck to the bed- gross.

then this morning...

i could see my ribcage. even the bottom. if that's not the most glorious thing you can see at 39 weeks and 35 pounds up, i don't know what is.  my once small wrists have gained a pound each, and my collerbone has been awol for months and the only pair of boots that fit are the ones i got at 7+ months preggo.


somebody is moving down south.

stay tuned for a way more exciting post later this evening. promise.

cause this was a lame excuse of a post for #300. but i had to share.


Andrea said...

So excited for the coming baby boy! Hopefully he comes soon and everything goes smoothly. I will be in Hawaii this week, so make sure you update your blog with lots of photos when he comes so I can see them! Wish I could be nearby.

Sara said...

when is your babe making his grand entrance? i can't wait any longer!

i see you too...