Wednesday, February 16, 2011


and probably the last update here or anywhere till we have a kid.

had a 40-week dr. appt this morning, chose not to be checked again (i haven't been ever, and don't see the point in knowing that i may or may not have progressed any and still not being able to do anything about it).  i do not want to be induced at all, but we'll see how i feel in the next few days. they have told me i can decide to induce whenever, basically. the latest they'll let me go is the end of the month, 42 weeks.  we will see where things are at at 41 weeks next tuesday.

it gets a little hard to get phone calls and texts and everything else asking if i'm still pregnant, if the baby is here (i promise, it won't be a secret once he is), when i'm going to give birth (i sure wish i was able to tell you that), how i feel, if i feel like anything has changed, etc etc etc... i know it's all with the best of intentions and that we are very cared about and that our family and friends are excited...  but trust me, nobody is more excited and anxious than damon and i.

so if you don't get a text/call/email/whatever back, don't be offended. just know i'm enjoying my last days hanging out at home, watching trashy mtv shows, sleeping, drinking dr. pepper, eating whatever i want, and spending time with friends here and my man. i love you all, and at least next time you come here, you'll see a picture of a cuter demars!

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Charity said...

Thanks for the update you guys!! Good luck with the arrival! It will be great.

i see you too...