Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Sara

i can't wait any longer either. 

seriously, one more night like last might warrant a trip to the bin. 

plus damon seems to think i'll go into labor any minute sometimes, which is why i just got this email:
   hey babe, I'm just emailing you to let you know that my phone is dead, so I hope you don't go into labor. If you do and really need to get a hold of me you can call jaime. He should be in choir with me. i love you and see you in an hour and a bit

he must have forgot that while we video-chatted a couple hours ago i dropped my phone in the hole.  (side storey, the hole is the place at the bottom of the crack between your bed and the wall.  i learned this freshman year in the dorms.  i may or may not have been stuffed in a hole there.)  and it is still down there. like i'm about to get down and crawl under the bed. 

in other exciting news (and to try to get away from that TOPIC for a bit (you know, watching the water boil, or something), we are fairly confident that we are going to utah for spring break.


thank you damon for being a student, so we can have things like spring break, and summer vacation, again... i cannot wait to get back on that grid system, eat like 22 kneaders salads, have a sweet tooth cupcake, see my sister and my lovely friends that i've missed so much, experience spring in utah (once i fell in love during spring in utah. i was one of those people... and look where it got me!)

anybody enjoy the superbowl last night? no? yeah, me much either. we got to hang out with some fun friends who aren't in our ward (woah, we're branching out?!?!) and eat a lot of great food. but the game was kinda dull. i didn't really care much for either team, and the commercials weren't worth the millions either.  but those cupcakes, and wings and diet coke with lime... mmm... we brought pioneer woman's mexican layer dip  (yeah, the same stuff everybody makes, but i like knowing that i looked at pdub's site as i made it, and also that i added hot sauce too) and it was so good!  we even brought home like a third of it, and we are having it tonight with chicken burritos and mexican rice, oh yum!

and. tomorrow the high is 6 degrees. the low is negative something or other. when is it gonna be spring?  

we live on the top floor of our building.  at least once a day, there is a loud LOUD noise above us.  like, the sound of somebody jumping off the bed. or dropping a 60 pound box on the floor, you know?  and we are so nervous/scared every time.  there are no trees that reach across our building, so no falling branches to blame.  just now something crashed again, and i'm all alone and scared. good thing the bachelor is starting, so i have something to distract me!  (ugh!  yes, i somehow got sucked into the bachelor!  i've never watched a whole season before!  and it's horrible!)


JenniferKaryn said...

you probably have big ol rats trying to get into your apartment from the roof!

alina said...

Don't stay in the "special" friend area for too long. Look at the signals. If she displays interest, close take action and move into a romantic relationship.

i see you too...