Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ode To Andrea

Yesterday was my sweetheart Andrea's birthday.

And I am a bad friend and forgot to call her!  Even though I had just texted my Kami on V/day about Andrea's birthday the very next day!  Forgive me Andrea.  Know that I did think about you, I just am the worst kind of procrastinator who doesn't do something when I think, 'I should do that right now', and then promptly forgets about it.

Let's face it. Part of me was ashamed that my birthday gift to you had still not emerged from his humble surroundings. I was really hoping you and my manchild would share the same day. I'll spank him when I see him.

In honor of Andrea, here are some lovely pictures from the time we used to live together and sleep head-to-head because our beds were pushed against the wall shaped like an "L". And it was everything you could hope for.

This is Andrea in her Mrs. Clause apron, being very domestic in front of our papasan love seat.

This is when we decided to dress up as Joseph and Mary for no reason and we had an inspirational quote on our wall that was not put there by us. 

This is from the foam pit at True Blue Football celebration when we got some in our mouths and it was gross cause it was mixed with some dirt. 

Oh Andrea, I hope you had the most magical day yesterday!  And I hope you know how I love you so!


Andrea said...

I was thinking of you as well, and wishing your little guy would come on my bday as well, but it's probably good to put a little distance between Valentine's day and his birthday. Love you too and hope you are feeling well! Plus I was in Hawaii and not really getting all my calls anyway, so don't feel too bad:) I didn't even get the chance to call my own brother back:(

Zac said...

So Tara, I see you conveniently forgot to mention the Germany poster in the background which was acquired by you illegal activities at Joaquin Elementary... I see how you roll.

Thanks for the post, we miss you a lot and hope to see you and your man child soon!

i see you too...