Friday, January 21, 2011


tonight we made Pioneer Woman's

fettucini alfredo.

it is sin on a plate. 1 cup cream, 1 cup butter, 2 cups parm. that's all it takes, folks.  it makes the thought of buying this stuff at a restaurant complete rubbish. my heart actually hurts a little.

(not my pic, hers)

i had to. i bought a half gallon of cream at costco. what else was i gonna do with it? 

i'll knock off a couple years of life to eat this every now and then. 

we're carb loading for our 7 hour hospital 'express birth class' tomorrow. not that we'll probably stay the whole time. i'm not much into hearing about hospital tactics and scare stories about birth. tend to tune them right out and keep my positive thoughts going for the next 3.5 (hopefully less) weeks. we're really mostly going for the tour. 


David and Haylee Skaggs said...

David and I signed up to take a class like that at the hospital here in Provo, I to wanted to go on the tour, but they no longer do it there because the Mother & Baby Unit, and Labor & Delivery Unit is lockdown now! But good luck, I really did learn alot, and so did David!

JenniferKaryn said...

looks delicious!!

tatton.kirsten.brookelyn.ethan said...

so i saw you and your prego-ness on fb, stalked your info page and found what is this??? a blog? anyway, just thought i'd pop in and say 'hello'...

...and that i am going to promptly shred me some fresh parmesan and partake of this heavenly goodness you posted about!

cHelsEy N mOrgAN said...

THAT LOOKS SOOO GOOOD! i'm gonna have to try it out :D

i see you too...