Monday, January 24, 2011

Awkward Awesome

so i read this blog pretty regularly (ie i check it sometimes twice a day to look for updates and last week i spent 3 days reading it from the very first post) and it makes me want to a. blog better b. dress better c. fix my hair once in a while d. be a little more witty.... you know, lots of things. i don't know if i should give you the link, you may get hooked like me. or maybe nobody will cause my stay-at-home-wife-with-no-kids life is the only one conducive to this level of blog stalking. anyway, it's The Daybook and i love it.  she does the 'awkward/awesome' post every thursday, and though her life is much more happenin' than mine is, i thought i'd put up a few here on this cold but sunny monday, whilst my mac and cheese cooks.

-when your socks come off with your boots. i hate that so much. especially when you are taking your boots off in somebody's house. it's one of my least favorite things about winter.
-speaking of, when you get your boots off and you're walking around in your socks and you step in the snow tracks left by the boots on the carpet.  and then you are just left in cold wet socks.  
-parking the car right outside the door to our birthing class thinking we are super smart and then realizing that it's saturday and that door is locked from the outside, so we actually have to spend 10 minutes going into another part of  the hospital to find the skywalk to walk all the way back to the building where the classroom is... 30 feet from our car. 
-taking an extra juice bottle here and there from said class... only to get in the car after and find that we have taken 11 bottles of complimentary class juice. and be the kind of people who make swag out of hospital paraphernalia. 
-scratching off all your nail polish in church. and then having maroon chips stuck to your skirt, shirt, fingers (and then being transfered to your face) for the next 2 hours of church. 
-raising your hand to 'oppose' somebody being sustained to a calling in church, because you weren't paying attention when they asked for your vote of sustain...ment.  and so you raise your hand late. and people laugh at you. (ps, not me.)
-people who put sappy/cliche inspirational/love quotes as their facebook status. almost as bad as the ones who try to get sympathy from everybody through their facebook status. i only keep these people as friends to make fun of their status with my husband. is that mean?

-trying to push your way out of a door instead of pulling, like the sign clearly says. 
-the squirrel i used to feed on our balcony almost daily.  the facet that he still comes every day and looks on the balcony, and i hide behind the blinds ashamed that i don't feed him anymore. some days he even comes all the way to the sliding glass door to peer inside...

-the fact that this weekend we finally bought a metal bed frame. and therefore have graduated from college kinds who have their mattresses on the floor, to adults. kinda. if we ever get like, a headboard, we'll be really up there.
-because of said bed frame, being able to roll off the bed instead of having to get up off the bed. makes a huge difference.
-since kraft macaroni, along with a bajillion other food items, has made their boxes and amount of noodles smaller, i don't feel as bad eating the whole box myself. 

-knowing our baby can come at anytime now. you hear that, baby? you're full term! get out here!  (but can you wait till about next wednesday, that's about the perfect time i think)
-the great deal we got on a glider on craigslist, and how much better it looks now that we have painted it white instead of the wood color it was before. 

-the dance damon does to the theme music for grey's anatomy, which we've been watching from the beginning.
-QT. also known as QuickTrip.  the gas station.  and their philosophy on The Fountain Drink.  this place is a little piece of heaven on earth. really, did you read all the ways they make the average fountain superb?  best of all, there is one right down the road. sonic, you are so last year. until you start carbonating your drink mixers (vanilla!), don't even bother.


JenniferKaryn said...

well i loved your awkward awesome thing, but i tried reading that blog and i couldn't stand it. How is it right to have that many clothes??? and to be so consumed by it? bleh. Oh well, you rock still. And I honestly didn't know you were full term yet so I feel like a jerk, but I'm ready for that baby to come!! I can't wait to see pictures of him!

Tara : Damon said...

i totally agree jenn, it's depressing to see that many cute clothes! but it's motivating to think i could one day dress ok again. when you are limited to about 4 shirts and 2 pairs of pants, everything looks so amazin...

Charity said...

Loved your post!! It made me laugh. You may or may not want to post the so called dance that Damon does to the theme song of Greys Anatomy on You Tube...just a thought.

Have fun with your last few days! You won't think you will miss the belly, but there will be days you will.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha. oh my gosh, you are hilarious. that sock and boot thing happens to me every single day, and it makes me cringe like nobody's business when i put my foot into a boot and accidentally find a sock. sick. love this!

i see you too...