Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is going to be a big year.

Sometimes lately I've been wondering if we should have waited longer to start a family.  Mostly because we've been having so much fun together the last few months (how is that even possible, with med school?) that I wonder how it will be when we have a little person demanding attention and time and more.  I don't know if it was pregnancy or being out here in Des Moines away from family and all our old friends and familiar places, or being completely poor or just that we've gotten into our marriage groove (oh, I hope it's that!), but the second half of our first year(ish) was way better than our first.

Don't get me wrong, our first was great, but there is a lot of growing and learning that comes in the first little bit of being married, living together, learning to work/fight/eat/play/travel/finance together, and it wasn't always the easiest.

But now?  Now we are havin' a ball.  We know each other so  much better and know what the other wants (Damon is especially good at this) without always having to ask.  We know what makes each other tick and tock and go crazy and laugh.  Damon is the coolest person I know.  He is always happy, I don't even know how.  He's giving and kind and hilarious.  He won't throw away his ugly sweater (a wafflecone, red sweater vest, nonetheless) and wears it around the house.  He breaks into dance and loves the 'Cool TV' channel that plays the world's worst music videos that we sometimes have dance parties to.

He also does more for me than necessary.  Last night he got my toothbrush ready for me. And put it in my mouth.  and then we brushed out teeth together but laughing the whole time and my face leaked from my eyes, my nose, and my mouth.  It was funny, I don't know why.  He offers to carry me to bed even though I'm quickly catching up to him in weight. The other day he made me breakfast in bed even though it was fast Sunday and he couldn't even eat with me.  He just sat there and talked to me while I ate and even put peanut butter on my waffles for me.
Hey, sorry about the time I sneezed on you while we were kissing for photos...

Knowing Damon, I know I have nothing to worry about.  We are going to have so much fun together, the 3 of us. We are getting so excited for the baby to get here, and can't believe there are less than 6 weeks left!  I know the apprehension will be gone as soon as he arrives, and I get to see Damon be a dad.  And luckily, it's a boy, so I'll still be his #1 girl...

And I'll always get the first flight. 

In other news, I'm gonna work on changing the blog up a bit. I don't really like the way it looks anymore.  Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze it into my super busy schedule of laying on the couch and netflixing and blogging. 


Damon said...

I am the luckiest person alive!

cHelsEy N mOrgAN said...

you guys are so cute!! i love your post and all the cute things you talk about. can't wait to see pics of your little man when he comes :D

i see you too...