Monday, January 10, 2011

just a few random things...

i wish Hy-Vee delivered. cause in their deli section they have all this food and a big salad and soup bar and a fountain drink machine with...  Pibb. Xtra.  on tap.  but it's snowing (a little) and i don't feel like driving the 1/3 block drive next door to Hy-Vee right now.  plus Damon is at home studying at the moment.  he would be disappointed in my sub-standard drinking choices.  but i would have them deliver me their biggest size Pibb.

this is what we did this weekend:
we went to the library on Saturday for a few hours.  Damon studied.  i loaded cd's into my itunes... maybe some tim mcgraw and george strait (yum).  maybe a bob marley lullaby album.  maybe the Ratatouille soundtrack for when i cook. and maybe an n'sync album. just sayin'. 

tonight i'm making Pioneer Woman's chicken parmigiana.  if you haven't started cooking from PW, i don't know why you are still here and not at  for reals.  if i only made her meals from here on out, we would both die blissful. 

35 weeks tomorrow. crazy... and amazon has almost as good prices as costco on diapers.  anyone else notice that costco doesn't carry size 1's?  how annoying.  

yesterday my Bishop told me that i DID NOT look like i was about to pop.  what a nice man.  i knew i liked that guy.  and not just cause him and his wife had us over for brazillian food a while back or because when we played human-hungry-hungry-hippos with the youth he was super competitive and yelling and shoving young people on skateboards towards the cluster of bodies in the middle of the gym... i knew i liked him for other reasons, like, he flatters me. 

are you ready for a NEW year?


David and Haylee Skaggs said...

I was also very annoyed that Costco doesn't carry the newborn or size 1 diapers!! But to be honest, they aren't in those sizes for very long! I found a size 1 diaper the other day and about cried! They grow so fast! Can't wait to see all the different photo shoots you do with your little boy!

Shannon said...

Tara when it comes to diapers I highly recommend trying out a couple different brands to find your favorite and then subscribe to have them sent via Amazon mom. You get like 30% off or something. We were spending $80+ a month on diapers and now we spend $30 for TWO kids. It's awesome. And they come to your door. Super awesome.
I love everything Costco EXCEPT their diapers. I think they suck and they don't smell delicious and baby like the way Pampers do. You may love them because they may be better for your BOY and he may not have the explosive pooping skills my girls have/had.
I can't believe you're 35 weeks. I'm so excited for you!

i see you too...