Thursday, November 11, 2010

too fast

days are flying by right now, it feels like... it's already almost another weekend?  how did that happen?  i guess i've been keeping more busy since i ended my job than i did before working last month, and that's good. 

but maybe things could slow down a bit?

i had an appointment with my midwives this morning- measuring right on schedule for 26 1/2 weeks... my next one is in 2 weeks... that's right, i'm now in the appointment-every-2-weeks part of pregnancy, which i know will make it feel like it goes faster. i have my glucose test the day before thanksgiving.  so hopefully i won't get my results till the day AFTER.  cause even if i were to fail, i don't plan on holding back on the greatest food holiday of all.  

our crib was delivered today. it's in a huge box next to the door. it's crazy to think i'll be walking into what is right now damon's study room and seeing a crib.  the swing and bouncer and stroller and billions of clothes seemed to fade into the background along with the (now gray- i painted it!) desk covered in anatomy pictures and bookshelf full of steinbeck and the big blue dresser.  

and my rings are getting a little snug.  my grandmother's ring already has come off, it's really sad to not wear it all the time, but i can't take the risk of having to have it cut off.  i may have to hit up claire's for a fake wedding ring next. 

this baby's coming faster than i can wrap my head around, it feels like. 

i just don't know if i'm ready to share my handsome husband with somebody else!


Barrett Family said...

Show a pic of the nursery/study room!!! You are a painting queen. Please come help me with my bookshelf!!

Helena said...

It is coming fast! I like you're thinking though, about Thanksgiving. And the ring from Claire's.

Charity said...

You will LOVE sharing time between your two guys. Thanks for sharing your updates. It was great seeing you guys in Des Moines!

i see you too...