Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Elder Holland

I love everything Jeffrey R. Holland says. Not to have favorite apostles or anything, but he's my favorite person to hear speak.  I would love to spend an hour sitting with him talking about the gospel- his spiritual understanding and drive is astounding.

The other night I dreamt that I was the keynote speaker (ha, yeah right) at a big conference in a huge hall in Salt Lake City (in my dreams I still live in Provo, naturally).  I was late cause I was taking a shower at work (awkward- yes, PCS) and I had left my clothes in the building across the street. I raced over there in just a towel and turned on the TV to see my conference already going (it was, of course, being broadcast far and near)... And who had they pulled from the audience to take my place last minute?  You guessed it. Elder Holland.  He ended up giving one of the talks he'd given in conference over again- and I'm pretty sure it was this one below.  Cause I think it's in my top 2 talks of all time, I just love it and I love him for giving it so boldly.

When I told Damon my dream in the morning, all he said was "I'm glad you think so highly of yourself."

Maybe one day I'll be able to bear testimony so eloquently... Probably not though.  But I'm glad I have it, at least!

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Anna P. said...

Aren't pregnancy dreams the best? I've been having some real vivid winners here lately myself. Last week polygamy was reinstated and Rob brought home three new wives. Fun fun fun...Oh and for the record I keep thinking you all still live in Provo as well and then end up wondering why I haven't seen you in so long.

i see you too...