Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love

Ellen DeG. You know, the one from the show?

I'm watching her show right now (best part about not working), it's so a million times better than Oprah ever was.  The dancing, the giveaways, the monologue, the web clips. Oprah who?

Today she's interviewing her wife.  It's a good one. I'm crying.
They love each other.
Um, Portia, why did you go on Oprah before your Ellen?  Lame.

I don't care what people think about gay people or gay marriage or whatever, I really like them.

In other news, The View has to be the worst show on TV.  All those women need to be shipped to a deserted island so they can destroy each other and the rest of us don't have to hear all their loud yelling and arguing.  I hate turning on the TV during their time slot cause the channel may already be on that station and I can't help it but hear their ugly voices arguing before I can get the channel to change.

I promise I'm not sitting around watching TV all day, but I do turn it on in the morning to watch the news/weather (I'm cool) and if I'm here, at 4 to watch Ellen.  And learn dance moves.

We're going to Chicago tomorrow.
Cause a year ago we were about to head out to Jack's ranch to start our festivities leading up to our Marriage.

And now we are less than (hopefully) 15 weeks away from meeting our son.


JenniferKaryn said...

yeah, you're a couch potatoe, but if it helps anything you look adorable :)

Helena said...

I love Ellen SO MUCH. Someday, I want to sit around being pregnant, and watching all the good shows. I don't think of it as lazy. I think of it as the calm before the diaper storm.

Bryan and Ashley said...

My friend, all I can say is rock the lazy, tv watching days while you can! They are fond memories you will miss:) I love Ellen too. She's the best.

i see you too...