Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving break

I'm thankful that Damon had 5 days off of school and we got to hang out the ENTIRRRREEE TIIIIMMMMEEE... I hadn't seen him this much since summer!
We got lots of fun things done and just sat around picking our noses a lot, and it was perfect.

Tuesday evening we had a fun date at Costco!  Haha, we picked up our 20 lb turkey and ate some pizza and a hot dog and a sprite for dinner... Costco is our favorite date place!  Then we went over to Brandon and Michelle's to watch Biggest Loser Makeover night!!!  We even all wore an accessory/clothing article in honor of the show that we could share about- Michelle was definitely best prepared and presented her black boots wonderfully!

Wednesday we went to my 28 ish week appointment, I did my glucose test that morning.  No results yet (perk of having your blood draw the day before Thanksgiving- so I actually got to enjoy all the food I wanted no matter what the result!), but I should find out tomorrow if I'll be going on a fun low carb/sugar diet!  How depressing. We also watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.  It was a weird movie, but ok...

Thursday we ... I don't remember what we did in the morning besides hang out and get our dinner ready!  We had a few friends from our ward over for a nice Thanksgiving feast, it was all so good!  We had a huge turkey for just 7 people- lots of leftovers!

Friday we watched football allllll day long.  Until the evening, then we watched Elf, the greatest Christmas movie of all time. We even ate spaghetti so we could be like the movie and made an eggnog cheesecake which is. so. GOOD.  Damon's eaten about half of it today, just a bite here and there from the fridge at a time.

Saturday we went to Home Depot just to look at their trees and ending up finding that they had such good deals that we had to buy one!  Also, we finally put together the crib!  We've had it for a few weeks but it's just been in it's box in the extra room, till now!  It was actually way easy and didn't even take us half an hour. We love it!  We're so grateful to my Dad and Pam and Mom for getting it for us!

lovely main architect...


Today we went to church, came home and were visited by our home teachers who gave an awesome sports-related message, and then we put together our Christmas tree!

It's been so nice having Damon home, I can't wait for Christmas break in just 3 short weeks, I can't wait to go home and hang out with my man again!

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Helena said...

Hahahaha, I love that last picture. He looks so serious about it.

i see you too...