Sunday, November 7, 2010


that's how long we've been married.
it's been awesome.
we've learned a ton, had a lot of fun, made goals and plans and even a human.
who'da though?

it's been the best year of my life, but i know it will only get better.  i love this guy. he's everything i'm not and better than me in most every way (except cooking. sorry damon).

hard to believe it was a year ago that we headed out to wheeler ranch (thanks jack!  you're our wedding hero!) with all of our family and most of our closest friends to celebrate our wedding...

we bbq'd. we stayed in luxury (huge) cabins on a huge ranch full of jeeps, 4 wheelers, a hummer, a natural spring, lakes, a waterfall, lots of guns, targets and a shooting range, even some wild hogs to shoot. it was the best wedding ever.  i promise. if you weren't there, i can't really describe how awesome it was to play together before the big day, and then play some more!

here are some pics i stole from people. some are mine, but most aren't.....

the reception hall half of "the barn" (the other half was a gormet kitchen/living room, 5 bathroom living space where damon's siblings/parents slept. the rest of us spread out over 3 more huge awesome houses, wish i had pictures of those)
just some views of the ranch, from another of the houses

Austin, my friend/caterer jumping off the waterfall into the natural spring pool

oh you know, just out shootin'.  this is about all we did the day before the wedding, drive through mud and water and shoot guns. robbie, anna, joe, janel

austin, john

damon's mom, and jr in the backround

jenna, in the hummer. this bad boy was incredible.

matt, at the shooting range

joe, levi and mandee, one of the many 4 wheelers

johnny, janel, damon and i

me, damon, joe. i'll give you a guess who was the best skeet shooter. not to brag, but it starts with a t and rhymns with 'ara'

and then we had a huge bbq that night with everyone and woke up the next morning to go here:

just a few of our amazing friends who flew in for the wedding

my best family photo. if only kristi was in it...

bffeaeaeaeae's. kami and matt flew in and drove with dre and zac from dallas...

and derek, who flew in from san fran. crazy to think that he introduced me to the church 8 years before this, scary to think where i'd be without that.  it was great having him in the sealing room and see things come full circle.

damon's family, they took good photos!

haha... don't mind the cheeto stains on kristi's dress... she rode the whole hour to the temple sitting on a pile...

the whole group 

and then we drove back to the ranch to take a few more pictures and do our ring ceremony down by the water, under a chandelier my mom had put together....

probably my favorite shot... damon got me this on a canvas print for our anniversary! i love it!

we wrote our 'non vows' last minute before the ring ceremony.  we both wrote them in our 'adventure book' (that damon had made me for my birthday after we saw up in early summer) so now we have them to look back on.

drive down to the waterfall, where everyone was waiting. i had had about a gazillion stickers stuck to my dress that we had to pick out first. thank goodness i switched to cowboy boots...

my handsome dad... walking me down the... grass.

our sweet Bishop Mackay.  he was our bishop in the ward damon and i met in at BYU, and was the watchdog over our blossoming love... haha. he even got my roomate jenn married to a guy in the ward- our apartment (of us 2) was a 100% success for him! him and his sweet wife flew down for our wedding and we were glad to have them at the ranch to play and eat good food and enjoy the time with us.

and then we went back to the 'barn' and ate incredible food and danced and partied... for like an hour and a half. then we peaced out.

we drove off... but don't worry, we wrecked this car (my dad's) into my mom's truck the next morning. awesome. 

i've been listening to our song a lot this week, i love it so much and never miss an opportunity to put it here on the blog. so without further, here for your listening pleasure, benton paul and our first dance song, i only see you.

that was a lot.
happy anniversary babe!
the end.


JenniferKaryn said...

so cute!!I'm still sad I miss all of that. Happy Anniversary! I hope its great!

Helena said...

Are you serious?? Your wedding looks like it was AWESOME. I am so happy for you guys. Happy anniversary!

i see you too...